Monday, June 29, 2009

Attending an Anime Convention step two: Packing for the weekend

So you have made the all the plans and booked the hotel. You have your tickets paid for and you took the weekend off at work. Your mom has agreed to take care of Wolfy for the weekend and you have been saving for months.

Now it is time to pack for your weekend of fun. Hopefully most of this packing takes place the day before your trip and not the morning of. Some packing like toiletries might have to be packed the morning of but for the most part the bulk should be done in advance. If you wait until the morning of the convention to start packing you might get rushed and forget something important.

The easiest way to pack for your convention trip is to write a list before hand and check everything off as you pack it up the night before. That and lists are fun! So on to your anime convention packing list of fun.

Must haves:

Money!-without money you are pretty much screwed. Keep it in a secure location wallet/purse.

Credit card-make sure you have an available balance if you are paying for the hotel.

Camera-make sure you have plenty of space on your memory card

Prescription medications-meds are important people. But only bring as much as you need for the weekend and not the entire containers.

Clothes-bring enough for the entire week plus two extra complete outfits. So at least 5 shirts, pants, socks, and underwear.

Comfortable shoes

Coat/sweater-some viewing rooms can get cold!

Keys-to get back into your house XD

Hotel and ticket confirmation sheets-usually you print off these in your e-mail. You will need these if you are the one who arranged for the hotel and if you prereg for tickets.

Toiletries- showering is very important people. Very, very important. Bring all necessary showering equipment. The hotel does provide some soap and shampoo but if you are rooming with a lot of people I wouldn’t count on that stuff. Bring shampoo, soap, razor, toothpaste, toothbrush, pads/tampons, lotions, deodorant , make-up, hair brush, hair clips, aspirin, ect.


Personal pillows/blankets-this is especially important if you are sharing a room and you are not guaranteed a bed.

Water/drinks/snacks-I would bring my own personal cooler to keep my stuff safe from my fellow hungry con goers. Peanut butter crackers and apples are easy to carry around and munch on.

List of mangas/anime DVDs you already own-you have to make a list to make sure you don’t buy the same titles/volumes again.

Cell phone/cell phone charger-always make sure your phone is charged.

Extra batteries/battery charger

Personal towels

The luxuries:

Swimsuit-depends on the time of year and the hotel of course.


Laptop-but most hotels charge for WiFi so be careful.

Cosplay outfits- the easiest way to pack costumes is to place the entire outfit on the bed like you were dressing a person. Top to bottom. Hat to shoes. This way you won’t get to the convention and forget the collar or important belt. After all the pieces are gathered then pack them together in a garment bag. Do not stuff in the truck. The back seat is much safer.

Cosplay survival kit-tape, glue gun, needle/thread, extra buttons, safety pins, ect.

Play station/x-box/controllers- I would call the hotel and make sure they have the proper connection thingy things. Some hotels have really old TVs in the rooms.



CD player (I’m old school)/MP3 player/headphones

Reading material for lulls in things to do (or waiting for events to happen

Spare bag to pack up all your lovely purchase

Alarm clock


I have consulted the husband and run this list by him. He couldn’t think of anything else to add to the large list of fun. If I think of anything else or if someone comments with another suggest I will update the list. But this is a pretty basic list that I think will apply to most people. With the cosplay section there are probably a ton of things I left out. :( But I think I gave a good starter list. And in regards to the toiletries...just take your whole bathroom. XD It seems safer.

The last post in the convention series will cover traveling and attending anime conventions. XD Thanks for reading!


Karen said...

I have yet to go to one, but if I ever will I'll go back and consult your extensive lists! Maybe I should print them out x_x haha. It sounds like so much work but also so much fun D:

Christina said...

It can be a lot of work (more if you cosplay) but if you plan ahead most of the work is already done for ya. XD

Anime conventions are much more fun in groups so hopefully when you go you will have 3 or 4 people to share the experience with!