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07-Ghost Episode 11 Summary and Review

Forgive me. This post was going to be posted earlier today brain explodes.

And why did it explode? My favorite manga of all times, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, killed me. It killed me so bad I had to take a nap to stop the headache from taking over my brain. I love you Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle...but no. Just no. Thinking about how it is supposed to make sense starts making me dizzy again. If you know what I am talking about...I hope you are faring better than I am. I truly do.


Basically that was my face after reading the latest Tsubasa chapter.

But I am better now. A little bit of dinner, a lot of cupcakes, and a nap makes everything better. That and 07-Ghost was cute. So I shall focus on the cuteness instead! Come and experience the cuteness with me!!!


Child abuse!...err... Uke abuse!!!!

Teito starts off the episode by talking about everyday life at the church of good looking men. He talks about how they work really hard and nearly die climbing insane stairs. When Teito does have free time he spends it thinking about Mikage dying and how he can’t atone for his sins by merely existing. Castor happily strolls up and says he figured out a way to help Teito get his revenge. Castor explains that if Teito becomes a bishop he can receive a pass that allows him to lodge and travel the world. And since bishops have special privileges that means Teito can travel around a lot safer and obtain information on his past. Frau is against the plan and dragon Mikage doesn’t care. Castor explains the first part of the test which involves memorizing all these books. Frau spazzes at it took him forever to learn all this material. Teito seems to remember some of the books already as he thinks he was told of them in the past, like a lullaby. Frau explains that Teito has to be careful as some of the examiners are mean heads. Castor then talks about the second part of the exam. It involves channeling your word attack energy and placing it in a special staff. Then you use this special staff to capture a Kor. Castor and Frau explain that they are special and they don’t need staffs. A baby Kor was running around and Frau captures it. While Teito practices with his new toy Castor puts the baby Kor in a Frau doll.


Random moments are always nice too.

Castor returns outside and Frau reports he is not doing well. Teito gets slightly frustrated but Castor explains that if Teito can master this staff he may be able to bypass the minor issues that Teito is not a member of their church…or faith. Castor sets loose the baby Kor and both Castor and Frau leave him to fight. And…it turns into a big lets watch the doll Frau run around and act crazy scene. Teito is momentarily able to control the staff when the doll acts Frau like. But then the doll gets out of control and Labrador has to come in and use his flower power on the doll. There is no talk about how Labrador is a light/ghost thing but it is greatly implied!

Labrador makes them flower tea and Teito thinks back to all the sacrifices that Mikage did for him and how Mikage doesn’t want him to seek revenge. Teito cries as he doesn’t know what he is supposed to do if he can’t get revenge on Mikage. Labrador tries to calm him down but it fails slightly. Teito thinks about how Mikage is his treasure and then he randomly thinks about the eye thingy in his hand. Teito decides to seek revenge and expose all the truth to the world, even if Mikage wouldn’t want that. The eye thing in Teito’s hand glows and Labrador explains that hand will guide him to the future. While walking around Teito thinks he sees Mikage. But it turns out to be another person who is really arrogant and probably should die. The man explains that he is Teito’s rival as they are both bishops in training INSERT SCARY MUSIC HERE!


Dramatic pose is...stupid.

Another fluffy episode. Since I like fluff it is okay. I am not really sure I can handle really battle intense animes. Code Geass really tested my limits with beautiful boys blowing each other up. So if this series goes the more fluffy route and the sadness thing that happens in this series is Mikage dying and being turned into the world’s cutest dragon….then I am okay with that.

Photobucket the wording is slightly dramatic...

However I think Mikage dying is going to be brought up every single episode until the end of time. Which may or may not be a bad thing. One the one hand I want Teito to do something else with his life. Even if it revenge and almost getting his butt blown up. I don’t want this to be the one defining moment of his life and he is unable to grow as a person. Mikage’s sacrifice would have been for nothing if that is the case.


That is just uncalled for! Be nicer to Teito!

But then I sat down and thought about it (after my mind explodes from Tsubasa). In some shows a dramatic event happens and the next episode/day people have moved on. So realistically if my best friend died protecting me I think I would still be a mess for a long time. And even though it seems like Teito has been whining forever it probably has only been a few days. It is hard to tell how time passes in certain shows. So…while Teito is coming across as an emo kid who needs a hug…it is understandable. And I love Teito so that is okay.


Frau....making sense?!

So after our heroes (the bishops at the church of good looking men) spend a bunch of time telling Teito to not seek revenge…TADA let’s help Teito find revenge. But since it involved a well thought out plan it is okay! So says Castor-san. Frau was a little bit WTF about the situation which I appreciate. Also it puts visions in my head that Frau really cares for Teito and it is all yaoiful in my head.


Revenge for the win!!!!!

But yes Teito decides that this plan to become a bishop is the best plan EVER. Putting aside the fact that he is mad at “God” and might not be a strong believer and he is going to use the church to benefit,…this plan will probably work. In this world bishops are allowed to run around and break all the rules. Because the military doesn’t want to mess with people from the church of good looking men. So Teito will pass this test and begin his travels with Frau and all will be well.



But this test will not be a piece of cake. As much as I like the church of good looking men….I do not think that I would be a very good member. Or even would want to be a member. Because I am not reading 100 books or however many there were. I think people who can memorize the Bible are insane so this takes insanity to a new level. Castor was so mean to Frau. :( Three years sounds pretty amazing to me but I guess these Light/Ghost are held to a different set of standards or something.


...Not really scary.

Teito and his awesome word attack was not so awesome. Labrador was more amazing than he was and that makes me sad. :( I mean Labrador is cute and all but not amazing. We can chalk it up to Teito not being used to that type of weapon and Labrador being a Ghost/Light thing too. But we don’t have to see him in his skeleton form okay. Thanks.


He looks more like a like a spaghetti monster more than a pervert...

The episode had a few laughs. Castor has a bit of a mean streak when he made the doll look like Frau. I think Frau takes a lot of crap from people…but then I don’t care because it is amusing. The dancing Frau doll made me smile though.

The ending made me bleh though. I thought it was going to be one of the test people that Teito ticked off but no, it is another candidate for this position. I was not aware that only a certain number of people could become bishops but I guess that makes it more interesting and full of drama. And the writers don’t even try to make this guy likeable so yay. Frau guard your tiny uke or else. OR ELSE!


But watching him suffer is fun. XD

So…fluffy show is fluffy. But I like fluffy. I like cute boys and pairing them together. I like cute dragons who have no purpose other than to look cute. So…I think this episode was pretty cute. There was plot and now there is direction. That is what I asked for last week so…I shall be appeased. XD See ya next week 07-Ghost!


Embrace the fluff!

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