Thursday, June 4, 2009

07-Ghost Episode 9 Summary and Review

Yes I live!!! Between the rain, my job, and other random things in my life I am feeling pretty wiped out. I am basically done with my episode posts for Pandora Hearts and Eden of the East (from last week...such a slacker...) but something keeps coming up and giving me the lazies. Forgive me.

The grand master plan was to do all three episodes in a post tonight. However after an 10 hour shift at work my brain was feeling like mush. Then I watched this episode of 07-Ghost and all I could focus on was Teito and his awesome cuteness! Surely he deserves a post of his own!


This probably won't end well....

So yeah, I will post about Eden of the East and Pandora Hearts tomorrow and the new Eden of the East hopefully Saturday. I am planning on blogging Chrome Shelled Regios in arcs as that makes more sense for my mind. Also I still need to recover from that one episode where the entire show stopped making sense.

I am not sure what is going to happen to Shugo Chara Doki. Between the lame filler characters and the plot going so slow I am really not feeling this show right now. And I rather not blog about something that I know I want to like but keep being negative about. Or maybe I will but make the negative funny and snark it a little bit. But I am getting ahead of myself and need to get caught up on other things first anyway!

So yes, it is time for 07-Ghost and the story about a uke named Teito! Enjoy!


I demand more cuteness!

This episode starts off with reliving the last few minutes of the past episode (I am sensing a theme this week). Teito is being controlled by The Eye of Mikhael (or something…) and is giving Ayanami a run for his money. Ayanami smirks about how Teito had this power in him all along. Teito continues to demand the removal of this eyeball collar and the two fight a little bit. Teito is eventually overwhelmed and even though Ayanami wants to kill Teito he decides to follow orders and take Teito alive. Before Teito can get a squished Frau in his Light skeleton form appears. Ayanami smirks and is all AHA Zehel. Frau and Ayanami almost have a yaoi moment where they remember the past or at least Ayanami on his side. Teito remembers about the Lights sent to protect the world and goes MOG Frau is a Light. He begs Frau to find a way to save Mikage but apparently it is too late. Mikage’s soul is being injured and Ayanami decides he is done playing with him. He forces Frau to strike Mikage and destroy the Kor within him. Teito runs out and holds Mikage tight, promising him it will be okay. But it’s not as Mikage dissolves into sparkles and feathers. Elsewhere Ayanami tells Frau that he will return and take back the scythe Frau is using right now.


:( Must not cry...

Frau carries Teito back to his room. Teito tells Frau about how Mikage was his best friend even though he suffered for it. Teito goes on about how Mikage tried so hard to be his friend and they bonded over food. Soon Teito is unable to speak as he is overwhelmed by it all. Everyone leaves Teito to cry. While the others try to give him space and understanding Frau busts in the room with food and a pink bunny dragon thing. Teito tries to dry his tears as he screams at Frau to leave him alone. Frau explains that once a soul reaches their three dreams they go back home to heaven to be with their father. Teito gets pissed at the lame comfort. Frau agrees they are lame…but notes that Mikage is still here and has returned to watch over Teito. Teito looks down at the dragon and notices it has the same scar that Mikage has. Frau explains that Mikage has been reborn in this form and while he doesn’t have memories of his past life he searched the world to find Teito again. There are tears and Teito being overwhelming cute. Frau takes a moment to glare at Ayanami wherever he is for hurting Teito. Teito is a little sappy about the whole situation but seems happy. Then Frau tries to remove the collar around Teito’s neck. After some special moments…Frau accidentally does SOMETHING to the collar and he ends up being Teito’s master. If he does not have contact with Teito on a regular bases bad things will happen. Dragon Mikage gets jealous and Teito puffs up in WTFness…but Frau smiles and all is well in the world. I think…


Behold the cute!!!

If I wasn’t too busy being confused I might be crying my little eyes out. Or at least comforting by poor sad Teito. :( But let’s go in order of this episode and not jump into MOG sadness mode. Even if I am already there.

Please dear anime episodes…stop replaying the first three minutes of the last episode into new ones. It waste time and most of the audience is not that stupid (most…). We could fit more lovely plot into the new episode without reliving the exact same events from the previous ones. So…not impressed with that angle.


Familiar scene is familiar...

So Mikage and Teito have an epic battle. But not really. Ayanami is in control of Mikage’s body and Teito is being all…specialfied from The Eye of Mikhael. Or is that the true Teito? In any event I like cute uke Teito better than angry man. I will pretend it is someone else controlling Teito because it makes me happy inside. Not that the happiness will last for long but still.


Can I have the real Teito please?

I am still not feeling Frau’s true form. Or how Teito glossed over the fact that Frau is a Light and looks like a creepy skeleton monster man. I think the creepiest part of the true Frau is that his jaw doesn’t move when he talks. X_X Creepy.

So Teito once again does not get to be awesome. The chains are finally off but now he has a new restriction and it has a giant eye on it. So Teito is possessed by The Eye of Mikhael thingy and still gets his butt kicked. :( Which is sad since Teito will probably be the strongest person in the series but again I am okay with that. I am fond of other people saving Teito and now…well that person is Frau.


No more chains yay!!!

….Whatever the hell Ayanami is…he needs to die. How dare he use Mikage to get Teito and then toss him aside. Any good villain knows that you keep using that person until the end of the series! Killing them off makes no tactical sense at all. The hero keeps boo hooing that they can’t kill the enemy because the enemy has the face of their bestest best friend in the whole wide world. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT!


Teito does not approve of your plan!

But Ayanami is an asshat and deserves to die. And I think that part of him wants to break Teito and what better way to break Teito than kill his best friend. I said it…kill. *insert sad face of sadness*


Teito trying to deny the truth...

Mikage died in a sea of sparkles and feathers. If it wasn’t so sad it would be comical….


:( At least he died pretty?

:( I think the cruel part about the situation is that Frau was forced to kill Mikage. Then Teito had a mini it’s going to be alright moment which turns out to be false and just his way of trying to make things better. But it’s not. Mikage disappears and Teito’s world sparkles into feathers. Again I would be laughing at the dramatic….positions Teito was in (especially the bed scene) but…I was too busy feeling bad for Teito.


I will just focus on the sadness instead know.

And myself really. I mean…my hopes for a yaoi love triangle have been smashed on the ground, trampled by evil writers and animators. Sure now Frau automatically wins and I am not a fan of threesomes anyway. But still, it was fun pretending and now that has all been taken away!


Goodbye love triangle...

Now Teito is going to spend the rest of the series sad and depressed without his best friend. He will have an emo attack worse than Kamui from X/1999 and I do not think that is even possible. Frau will try hard to find a place in Teito’s heart but he will find Teito too cold and jaded to return his love. Sad are the next few episodes.


Bring on the tears!

Or OR we can have a dragon, eyeball soup, happy smiles, and Frau is a Teito’s new master. Yes…exactly.


...Or the nasty soup? Which will...bring on the tears too...

I am going to gloss over the fact that Ayanami is probably that demon, the main one that all the Kor’s obey and that Frau is running around with his scythe. I will ignore that since I am probably wrong is not a cute pink dragon!


The exact opposite of a cute dragon!

Seriously that Mikage dragon is the cutest thing in the world. My eyes almost blew up from cuteness. There better be some Mikage dragon plushie at the next convention or so help me! And the fact that Teito is happy that he has his best friend back makes me smile too.


Must squeeze the cuteness!

But then part of me realizes that Mikage is a cute dragon now and that Teito will probably not get back his human best friend. And that really is sad. A cute dragon is not going to tell Teito it is going to be okay or do that cheesy fist pump (X_X) promise of cheesiness. It’s never going to be the same and I know that every time Teito looks at dragon cutie he is going to think about how he lost the human Mikage. :(


I will cling to the hope that dragon Mikage will gain his memories back one day...or his body.

So it is going to be hard to be ALL happy about dragon Mikage, even if he is really, really, REALLY cute. Frau said something about how Mikage could have been reincarnated as a human…bleh I guess that would be too simple and it would ruin the Frau and Teito relationship. It is just bittersweet that Mikage’s last dream was to protect Teito and now he has no memories of their time together. SADNESS!


No more tears!

But out of the sadness comes extreme cuteness. Such as Frau doing everything possible to make Mikage happy. He even goes out and hunts down his rival in love to make Teito happy. That is true love and makes the yaoi girl in me go insane.

I thought Teito was going to explode from all the emotions inside of him. Miserable, cursing God (god?), pissed, confused, happy, tears…poor Teito’s face almost melted with all that going on inside of him. So while I think that Teito would be happier with the REAL Mikage back, at least he has something from his friend.


Teito needs a hug NOW!

The episode momentarily goes back to Ayanami being all pissed off and Frau and Ayanami are having a “stare down”. Ayanami knows who Frau really is and Frau is hoping against hope that Ayanami is not who he thinks he is.


Must win the hot guy contest NOW!

But none of that matters. XD Because Frau is now Teito’s master! Again not following the logic here as Ayanami was the one who put the collar on Teito thus making him master of Teito but what fun would that be?! Now Frau and Teito are destined to be together FOREVER (or until the collar comes off). Their relationship will make sense now and it will be canon and all will be lovely. Perhaps it was a little bit TOO happy based on the events of the episode but…whatever. We got to see dragon Mikage act a little jealous thus showing us that some of Mikage does remain.


MMMM master Frau. Must not think naughty thoughts....

So…there was sadness in this episode and a uke Teito all over the place. There is a bit of cuteness overload and uke Teito all over the place . And then there was Frau trying to win over uke Teito’s heart. Oh and a bit of plot. So yes, a win for me. Now I will dream of fan fiction writers bringing Mikage back to his human body so Frau and Mikage can really fight for Teito’s love.


Proof that Frau loves Teito. The end.


Anonymous said...

"Again not following the logic here as Ayanami was the one who put the collar on Teito thus making him master of Teito but what fun would that be?!"
YES! I just watched that episode and i was having exactly the same thoughts, i hope that it'll be clarified on the next episodes 'cause i'm confused. ;3;

Christina said...

Anonymous- XD I think the explanation is....they need a reason for our "main" couple to be close at all times. One of those silly don't pay attention to the details, just look at the sparkly yaoi results.

Also where is season two of this anime? I really liked it and want to see what happens to Teito as his life keeps getting special.

Julia said...

That screenshot you took of Teito's sad face where he says "It's my fault Mikage's dead!" is PURE CINEMATIC GOLD, RIGHT THERE. Awwwww! Teito I wanna hug yoooooouuuuu!!!

Christina said...

Julia- This whole episode is one big emotional roller coaster for Teito. Teito just needed one big hug the whole time. I wonder who will be on call to provide those. XD

They need to hurry up with a season two of this show. :(