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Pandora Hearts Episode 12

Yes. My post is being posted terribly late this night/morning. Note to all bloggers: do not attempt to blog anything while watching the movie Quarantine. The results will be special.


The movie was too much for Gilbert too....

But being the trooper that I am I moved forward. And didn't turn the movie off. So after major freak outs and nearly dropping my laptop the post was finally finished. Only 3 hours after I started it...but finished.

I hope everyone has fun reading my special post this week. Excuse me as I try to go and sleep with the light on.


Break...up to something?! MY WORD!!!

Uncle Oscar wakes up and is sad that the trio have already left for the morning. Break explains that they had to go and find Gilbert’s lost hat. Uncle Oscar was looking forward to making a dramatic reunion with his charges. Sharon suggest Uncle Oscar goes with Break to town. Uncle Oscar thinks Break is up to something and Break mentions something about bait. In town Gilbert is not pleased at their current situation. Oz gives up a recap explaining they found Raven’s hat but the man wearing it refused to give it back. Oz suggested that they have an arm wrestling contest to decide the outcome of said hat. Gilbert is not amused. Oz is up first and he whispers something mysterious into the hat wearers ear. Oz wins his round but won’t reveal what he said. Instead of arm wrestling the girl Uncle Oscar appears out of nowhere and is Gilbert’s opponent. Gilbert tries to run away but is capture. He mumbles about how he betrayed Oz’s family and is not worthy. A blushy face Gilbert loses the match. That means Alice is up against the biggest guy in the group. She talks a big game and mocks the man. Then she remembers that her powers are sealed and that she is boned. Gilbert’s face almost melts off as he realizes his hat is in massive amounts of danger. But then Alice nearly transforms and wins the match. Oz smirks as Gilbert explains he had to unlock Alice’s power for his precious hat was in deep trouble.


Alice is way too cute!

After the epic battles Uncle Oscar hugs Gilbert and Oz and tells them how happy he is to see them (even if Gilbert feels incredibly guilty for being a dirty rotten traitor). Alice happens upon the happy scene and runs off. She feels confused on why she is so upset as she enters a dark alley. There Break is “hiding” behind a wall like a freak. Break smiles and says that Alice has been stalked and she really should have been worried about that instead of him. Insert creepy eyes here. Then we see Oz walking down the same alley and coming across Alice’s food and Break’s doll Emily (is that stupid thing alive?). After the commercial break Alice tries to piece together here memories. She remembers a blond man with blue earrings and how she was always chasing after him. She wakes up in a strange place which is neither the Abyss or the real world. Break explains that the Cheshire Cat lives here. It turns out that the Cheshire Cat is obsessed with the Will of the Abyss and since the Will wants Alice dead the Cheshire Cat will make that happen. Break decides to run as there are too many monsters around. Alice starts to feel funny as she senses one of her memories. As they ascend the stairs Alice questions why Break thinks that the Cheshire Cat is a special chain like her. Break explains that Alice is a special Chain because she does not need to eat humans. He also explains that the Cheshire Cat is a special Chain that doesn’t need a Contractor to come to the real world. So he concludes that they are special Chains with a different purpose.


Alice likes to break it down for the audience.

Alice is a little put off that Break is using her to get information about the Will of the Abyss. They enter a room and Alice freezes. She says that this memory fragment feels different from the rest and it leaves her chilled. The “white” Alice appears and taunts Alice, asking why getting her memories back is so important since she forgot them in the first place. Alice is overwhelmed by all the craziness and runs out. Before Break can chase after her a past version of himself (fresh eye wound version) pulls him through a mirror. Back at the mansion Sharon is creepily explaining where Alice and Break are. Oz concludes that it was part of Break’s plan to have Oz and Gilbert go after them in this crazy land. Gilbert is against this plan but agrees to go (or maybe he is hurt that Alice means so much to Oz). Sharon uses her Chain to open a portal to the place where Break is. They float down to this magical place without Gilbert’s hat. We then see a human looking Cheshire Cat waiting for someone to come. Elsewhere Vincent is talking to someone in the shadows about how much of a pain Break is and how things would be easier without him around. Vincent then seems to order Echo to get rid of Break. Alice runs through the hall until she happens upon a cat. She notes that this cat was the same cat she had in her memories, her precious friend. She chases after this cat and…THE END!


Loving the cute kitties!

So I was half right in my little mind. The first part of the episode was light hearted fun, a step off from the serious nature of last week. But then it became a little serious and confusing and on to the plot of the story. was made of win in my book.


Alley of justice=Sailor Moon?

The entire let’s get the hat back part of the episode was entertaining. There was a bit of sadness when Oz did not reveal what he was saying to tall skinny man but I guess it makes it more fun to pretend what was said. Alice winning because Gilbert needs his hat OH SO BAD was made of laughs. This part of the episode was pretty much unnecessary to a point. But this series does need laughs and time to let the characters become close and friends. So maybe it is really was necessary.


Gilbert knows what is important in life.

But maybe the hat scene was just a catalyze for Uncle Oscar to be reunited with his little charges again. A weak sort of reason but I guess I will take it. It would be too sad if Oz found out later his Uncle was hiding from him. :( And I think Oz has way too much to be sad about already without him thinking that his relatives hate him. Well not all of his relatives.


We get it! You wanted your hat back! Move on!!!

But Oz meeting up with his Uncle again felt a little empty. Too much focus was placed on Break and Alice being missing and not what Uncle Oscar thinks of this entire situation. I am sure Oz would go MMMMHHH Uncle what do you think of me being in the Abyss all this time? Or isn’t it funny how everyone else forgot about me and my ceremony except a few select people? But no, we just get a fluffy reunion that doesn’t touch on any serious or sticky information at all. Sadness.


Huge rabbit Chains need love too. :(

Alice runs off because she is sad that people are happy and have a family bond. She feels lonely and left out. I guess it is way too soon for Alice to feel a part of Oz’s little family. That and she is Alice and doesn’t want to appear weak or vulnerable. She thinks she isn’t human and can’t remember her past. They have history and she is someone who has infringed herself on their life. So I get that she has to run off dramatically and have a cry in the corner.

What I don’t get is why Break knew that was going to happen. How does he calculate all these things with unstable variables? Gilbert’s hat being lost was just a fluke incident. Uncle Oscar coming to help out the young lady was not a planned event. And Alice running off because she was sad and lonely about everything wasn’t Break could count on. Yet he said this was part of his plan to flush out the Cheshire Cat out. Break is either very lucky or mighty scary.


Powers?! We don't need no stinkin powers!

I am going to go with stupid though. Because he had planned to use Alice as bait to draw out the Cheshire Cat but he didn’t have a plan on how to defeat or fight against said Cheshire Cat? I mean, I would have included Oz and Gilbert in this plan from the get go. Not this follow us later crap. He needed them there from the start so Alice would be useful in a fight. But this all goes back to Break not making any sense and following his own agenda anyway so…yeah.


Maybe cute?

The Cheshire Cat being a human like Chain makes me happy. I am not sure why it makes me so happy but it does. Maybe I am just tired of these gross looking creatures and I want something pretty to look at. And maybe I think Alice will feel less lonely if there is another Chain that is different like her. That and the Cheshire Cat is a usually a creepy purple blob in most versions so anything else is appreciated. Yay for eye candy (hopefully).


This week I think it is Oz.

Something that had me going X_X was when Alice was referring to this new memory feeling different from the other ones. Err, what other ones? She has gotten one memory back on screen. Unless our trio is running around battling more Chains there has only one fragment retrieved. Which we can deduct from Alice’s increase memories this episode…she has recovered more. Which makes me upset. I wanted to get a piece of new information each time it happened so the puzzle could slowly open us. Now I feel left out of the process.

Not that her increased memories amount to much anyway. She is just running after the blond hair dude again and now she knows she had a cat. So maybe there is not enough to feel left out about. Only now I am more confused about who the blond person can be. I keep flip floppin on who it can be. Anyone with blond hair is a suspect in my little mind.


MMMM freak outs.

We don’t get to find out too much more of the plot as Alice decided to have a freak out and run out of the room. She runs into her pet cat and we are left with not much to go on. I am more confused on if that is Alice that was taunting our Alice was Alice’s inner self or that White Alice we have seen in other episodes. And that last sentence had too many Alices so it is time to move on.


Poor Gilbert's heart breaks.

I think Oz is super cute and super stupid for wanting to save Alice (and Break). I think Gilbert comes off as being a meanie when he really is being the sensible one. And the realistic one. Break needs to stop being such a mysterious person and just tell people what the hell is going on. I am sure it would give their team better results if everyone was on the same page and not guessing on what the plan is.


...mind telling us what is going on?

Sharon is still get on my nerves. I hate that little knowing smile of hers and how she leaves important details out of her explanations. So while Break is actively confusing people and manipulating the situation she is sitting by letting him do it. I don’t buy the whole she doesn’t understand his thinking for one second. We want answers Sharon. Don’t pretend you don’t have them!


Break is just chillin and knitting.

So in all…we learn nothing more and end up with more questions. I think I would be a little pouty about not really learning anything new but my brain is seriously fried from Quarantine.


Quarantine is slightly scarier than this moment...

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