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Eden of the East Episode 9 Summary and Review

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At least there were no Johnnies mentioned?

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The horror of no pants!

A skinnier Panties remembers back to the day he lost his pants and how he could never leave his room again. Back in the present Panties makes Akira use his phone to prove he is a Selecao. Panties might not be so impressed with how the process works but seems to believe Akira. Panties then decides to lead Akira into the closet, his secret base apparently. Elsewhere an older man comes in contact with a younger looking man both who are Selecaos. They seem to be looking for Selecao IX and talk about how he seems to be loose cannon. While Panties tries to upload the information on the broken phone he explains that he thought the Selecaos were going to be a big bad American company trying to use mind control on people. The rest of the Eden group is traveling to where Ohsugi is and tells the two girls to watch out for Akira if they can. Back in the room Akira and Panties look over the information he just uncovered on Akira’s phone. Panties shows the previous data, which is Akira using his money to get the people out of the dangerous areas before the missiles hit. Panties then says he will work on the other phone and get the history up. He promises to keep the information a secret. The girls return from their trip and are shock that Panties is so huge. Insert the scariest commercial EVER for anime.



The two other Selecaos are outside Panties apartment and seem to know what Panties is up to. The group decides to leave after Panties lies for Akira about the specialness over the phone. Panties and Akira talk briefly about the phone and how Akira wants to win the game and punish the man in charge of this all. Panties promises to help. Saki stays behind and tells Panties she knows that he is hiding the truth about the phone. Panties won’t break his promise and Saki leaves defeated. Shortly after the group leaves Panties breaks down more information and learns that Akira is a hero and not the villain he thought he was. Panties dives deeper into the Selecaos history and is startled at what he finds.

He seems to find something really important out and decides to don the world’s tiniest pants and races after Akira. The two Selecaos outside decide that they need to RUN PANTIES OVER and he goes flying. The older man confronts Panties who is dying in a ditch. Panties barely mumbles that he knows that they are the villains and Akira is the hero before he dies. The older Selecao destroys the phone and calls Juiz to clean up the mess. The younger Selecao looks upset at what happens. Back inside his apartment Panties computer is downloading all the information he got from the phones and is sending it somewhere. Akira stops running to the train when he receives a phone call stating that his identity has been found out. The other club members arrive and Ohsugi shows them around the weird warehouse and how Akira must be a bad guy. The end. :(


Poor confused Saki.

The more I watch this show the more I feel stupid. I am sure that is not the shows intent…I just am. XD Part of the reason has to be that they are using terms that would make sense if you are a native to Japan and such terms are lost upon me. But there are other issues that make me go yeah…I am stupid for not knowing.


Sure, that too...

It feels as if things are following together and that I am supposed to start putting all the details in order and go MOG. But I am not. For half the episode I thought it was Akira who fired the missiles in Japan and then it turns out it was another Selecao was behind it and Akira was only trying to save people from being mushed. Clearly I am missing some details.

Like with the 20k NEETS. Are they dead or are they in Dubai and alive? There was that man a few weeks back that was talking about how he thought Akira had left them up to dry but it turns out that he was doing better now. But the conversation between Panties and Akira made it sound like Akira wanted Panties to help so he could get revenge for the NEETS. Confused blogger is confused.


Am I stupid to be confused?

Whatever the case may be I was also surprised that Panties was taking all this information in stride. I think if I had someone in my room that claimed to be a Selecao and I knew a Selecao was behind the missiles that caused some rather large holes in my country…I would be nervous. Not let me help you out while two witnesses walk away to buy me magazines. Since Panties lacks…basic human skills maybe he has forgotten how to be alert and how to judge people? None of which matters as I guess Akira sends out calming rays and sunshine smiles to all who see him (beside Ohsugi of course).


Just so calm at a time like this...

I laughed when Panties showed Akira his secret base. This dude has been holed up in his room for all this time and he still needs a secret base? A closet that is connected to a room he never leaves? I would think that the entire room would be a secret base but whatever. Also whatever to the fact that this dude couldn’t go online and buy himself some new pants. Very special.


So nerdy. XD

But in the end Panties is a super geek and is able to fix the phone (which I think is dead detective’s phone as …it has to be XD). He is going to send Akira the details later as they have limited time due to the girls coming back. Again this information was hard to read on the computer with the tiny little subbing and how fast it went by. Both boys were talking about all these past events as all makes sense and it should to the viewers too. Which I hope it does later.


Saki….dear Saki. In what universe was that tiny pair of pants supposed to fit him? I get that Panties is a bigger than when you last saw him…but I don’t think those pants would have fit HER let alone a boy. And when she said sweat suit I assumed pants. See what happens when you assume?!



But at least Saki has the balls to tell Panties she knows something is up. And I think she was very understanding when Panties said he could not give her said information. Akira and Panties bonded and there was no way the nerd could let such a high level secret out. I am just glad that Saki is not LALA clueless.


And Saki is still in the dark.

…And then Panties died. That really made me sad. I mean, I almost laughed when he rolled over the car like that and was wedged in that tiny little area like a trapped animal. But it wasn’t funny. :( And I feel evil for even thinking it was funny. When he was gasping for air in that small dirty river it was just sad. This guy was just trying to help out and when he leaves his house for the first time in 2 years he dies? Just really sad and depressing.


Poor sad otaku. :(

So what the hell was up with those two Selecaos? And why is everyone obsessed with Akira? I understand not wanting to get taken out by the Supporter but if they became the winner of the game then they wouldn’t have to act so shady. They should just focus on improving Japan so they can live. Instead the older business man Selecao is the one behind the missiles and he wanted to hurt people. Akira is the reason that
no one died that day. How is blowing up that many people saving the nation?


And they are saving

And don’t even say Watchmen. Don’t.

I almost felt bad for the younger Selecao (who looks a lot like Akira). He didn’t want to kill Panties and he is not responsible for the missile attacks. Perhaps he hooked up with the older Selecao so he wouldn’t be picked off so easily. So for now he might just be an innocent guy who ended up with a crazy person as a partner.

Seriously I want to know what is going on with these two Selecaos. Why are they stalking Akira and trying to track his moves? Why did they have to kill Panties to hide the past? And why would Akira erase his memories when he knew that some of the Selecaos were insane enough to hurt other people? Need answers please.


Give me a reason to pity you more and you will be pardon for this.

Ohsugi and crew make me laugh. Well, the other members do anyway. They were at that building and had time to see the area that Ohsugi was making a big deal about. It is their own fault for not exploring more and trusting Akira like that. Not to mention that just because the area is odd…and filled with 58463946 cell phones doesn’t mean Akira is a criminal. Didn’t you just learn to not jump to conclusion?


Not the scariest thing ever...

Is this series really only going to be 11 episodes? It seems like there isn’t going to be enough time to explain this all? And the Akira and Saki romance isn’t really taking off like I thought it was going to. :( I hope that this series can explain all these hanging questions well and not leave the audience feeling ripped off…

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