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07-Ghost Episode 10 Summary and Review

This week has flown by and out the window apparently. As sad (or crazy) as this may sound, new anime episodes help gauge where the week is for me. 07-Ghost is usually my middle of the week anime. My anime hump day if you will.


A bit of X/1999 anyone?

Being a crazy fan of this show I will be honest. This episode is not one of the best...again. The plot is moving along very slowly and there needs to be direction soon. Teito can only pout and look emo cute for so long before we get bored.

That being said it was still enjoyable to watch. Once you are a fan of a show you stick it out and find the good in slow episodes. So...I will still love this show even though it is another I must kill Ayanami/I must kill Teito/crying Teito episode. Because I believe it will get better. I HAVE THE FAITH!


Frau caring for Teito is very sexy. This needs to happen more often.

The episode opens up with a funeral for Mikage…with baby dragon Mikage looking on. The crowd disperses and leaves Teito to cry alone. Frau, Labrador, and Castor watch on sadly as Teito has a sad little emo attack. Teito and his new outfit (minus CHAINS) go to sit next to the fountain to plot revenge against Ayanami. Back at the empire Ayanami is taking to the headmaster dude about Teito. Turns out this old man never really cared about Teito and knew all along about The Eye of Mikhael. Truly it is shocking news. Ayanami says that this is very sensitive information and if anyone else found out headmaster dude would be in trouble. Ayanami wants to kill Teito and get the Eye. The headmaster says that is fine but Ayanami will suffer if Teito dies. Ayanami decides he is going to take one for the team and kill someone for the good of the empire.


Apparently Teito is more awesome than he knows.

Castor finds Teito walking around and Teito claims he is going to leave the church..again. Castor tells him that probably wouldn’t be a really good idea. Teito keeps on walking and Castor asks if Teito met Zehel. Teito says he has and that it is Zehel is really Frau. Teito says that since Frau and Castor seem very similar Castor is probably a ghost/light/whatever too. Castor makes a weird smile…and uses his power to knock out Teito (in creepy ghost/light/whatever mode). On Ayanami’s ship of doom he tells his men that they are the BEST and they must kill Teito. Really Earth shattering news. They talk about Teito being a sexy angel. Castor has taken Teito to the sanctuary and is going to erase Teito’s memories. Before Castor can do so Frau comes in and says that he is against this plan. If they erase his memories Teito won’t remember Mikage’s last moments. They also talk about how Teito was actually going to picked to use The Eye of Mikhael as a weapon…and now he actually has it. Castor explains how if people find out who they are everyone will be in danger and Frau might lose his awesome position. Frau is clearly against this idea and tries to leave. Only the scythe in his hand has other ideas and attacks the sleeping Teito.


Can't you sense the danger?

Only Teito wakes up. Or at least The Eye of Mikhael wakes up and defends himself against Frau (who really didn’t mean any harm). Teito runs around a bit but doesn’t do any real damage. He claims that his master would not want for him to destroy these two…and he cuddles Mikage dragon. Castor makes the mistake of questioning if this The Eye of Mikhael is real. Teito decides to prove this theory and the process would have killed normal human beings and decides that they are indeed the lights/ghost people. He then demands that those two help him remove the collar from his master’s neck. Castor explains that the only way to get the collar off is to go military sklave station and remove it. When Teito thinks that over Castor tells Frau that as the controller of the collar he can use commands on Teito. Frau then puts Teito asleep. Yay for winning. They then talk about him being a sexy angel or a naughty demon. Teito wakes up and is back to normal. He wants to leave again and everyone is boo hooing. The nuns and three bishops want to take Teito somewhere first before he leaves. They go to the hall and writing attack words are all over the place. Mikage wrote his last words out for Teito to see, which includes I love you and don’t die. Frau says that if Teito leaves now with no plan, he will be throwing the life away that Mikage died for. Teito feels guilty about living on instead of fighting for Mikage and cries into the words. It’s sad and Teito needs a hug. :( The end.



I would like to start this off by saying I am a very special and slow person. Last week I was questioning why Mikage decided to be reborn as a dragon and not a human. This is because I am stupid. Shortly after posting last week’s entry I realized duh he wanted to be reborn in such a way where he could still be with Teito. And if he was reborn as a human err…that would be about 15/16 years until he would become useful. And or track him down. By that time Teito will probably be squished. Or Frau’s love slave. So yes, he was reborn quickly into an animal that would be strong enough to protect Teito and be unbelievable cute. Yes I am lame and slow. Sorry.

Now that I have explained to everyone that I am indeed riding the short bus lets move on to this episode. Which consisted of…not much again. :( Slightly disappointed in the land of Tenchi but since Teito was cute I will probably forgive 07-Ghost for their beyond slow pace.


...Baby Mikage dragon is way too cute!!!!

The funeral for Mikage was weird. Mainly because he is not dead. But I guess Teito did need a moment to say goodbye to what they did have and how their relationship will never be the same. That and Teito died basically for him. That part is nice and fluffy and tear worthy. It was just odd as baby Mikage dragon is chillin out on his arm wondering why Teito is crying.


Every face Teito makes is friggin cute!

Then Teito plotted his revenge and how Ayanami was going to pay. Sounds slightly familiar. I don’t want Teito to leave the church of good looking men..but I am tired of hearing about how he wants to leave and get revenge. I expect him to do so…so I just wish it would happen already and this melodramatic crap would end.


So what does that mean....MORE PLOT PLEASE!

Not much of a shocker that headmaster was never really taking care of Teito. It would have been more of a surprise if he actually cared about Teito and was trying to hide him in the organization that was hunting him down. Of course that means he would have to die protecting Teito but sacrifices must be made for Teito! No, the real shocker is this crazy link between Ayanami and Teito. If Teito dies something will happen to Ayanami. Of course that means in my scary mind Ayanami has the other Eye in his hand and if one Eye thingy dies so does the other. That kinda kills my Ayanami is the main killer Kor thing but meh. I will be wrong no matter what but that is just how it is.


X_X Everyone has a split personality on this show.

Castor was not acting like the big brother type in this episode. He was acting like the older sneaky type who knows that sacrifices have to be made and sometimes things have to be done even if they are unfair. It is not sad really, just different. I guess you don’t get to be a ghost/lighty thingy this long without having to make hard decisions. Someone has to be in charge as Frau is…Frau and Labrador is talking to flowers.


I will only defend Teito when he is sleeping. Heaven forbid he know I am a nice person!

And that scene just brought about Frau being overprotective of Teito so it was made of win! Probably reaching on that one as Frau wanted to protect Teito’s memories of Mikage…that kinda kills the pairing just slightly. But I will chalk that up to Frau really caring about Teito and that perhaps he deserves to know the truth. Or maybe Frau is tired of living this secret and wants to someone to confide in. In any event I thought it was sweet.


:( Not a very cute/sexy power though.....

Not that any of this matters as The Eye of Mikhael wakes up and shows Frau who is who..or what is what. I am not sure why Castor would doubt the mighty Eye and its mighty power but he gets its mighty and awesome power! It was a little sad watching Frau accidentally attack Teito but that is something they are going to have to work on in their relationship. XD

The only funny part of this episode was when Castor and Frau were discussing the crap with collar. Frau is always fun when he is making fun of Teito so I enjoyed it very much. Please this episode needed a bit of fun. MORE FUN PLEASE!


Even Eye Teito is cute and lovable.

But then it was back to serious. Teito wakes back up and decides he is really going to leave this time. Apparently everyone has forgotten about this 48 hour not seeing Frau rule. So if he does want to run away he needs to go with Frau or revenge on Mikage will be really, really short. It almost reminds me of a kid running away from home but you know they aren’t really going to go through it.


I am leaving this time FOR REAL!

The trio takes Teito to see the last words of his friend. I wonder when Mikage had the time to do all of this. Perhaps it wasn’t when he was near Teito, but when he was trying to gain control of himself and run away. Either way it was very dramatic and sad. (I love you indeed). Frau is very sweet and tells Teito that Mikage would not want him to throw his life away. We all know that Teito wants to die in a blaze of glory to get revenge. But Frau points out that Mikage dying was to save Teito and it would be DISHONOR to not live on for Mikage.


Frau is very gentle with his uke.

Will this little speech work? We will have to wait until next week to find out. I just hope that Teito makes up his mind if he is leaving or not so he and Frau can start moving on with the plot. Please? I enjoy plot but not this slow. But keep on with the cute Teito scenes. XD

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