Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 2010 Movies

Today I had plans to blog the last episode of K-On!! It was going to be sad since the series is over (for now anyway...) but not as sad as the festival episode. But I was looking forward to adding another finished anime to my list.

Well it looks like it is not subbed yet. That and due to the fact that my brother is an inconsiderate jerk all the time I didn't get home until super late, thus I ate super late, and now my tummy hurts. Tired and cranky Tenchi up in this blog today. So...I will post my movie post a day early (or a few minutes know) since it is basically done. I can do blogging on time, can't get to work on time. XD

So heres to hoping there will be new anime to watch tomorrow because I am having withdrawals. Amagami does not count.

Movies included in this post are as follows:


Mulberry Street


Resident Evil Afterlife




I have no idea why I watched this movie. Well yeah I do. I needed to take a break from reading a million mangas and I had a feeling that High School of the Dead was going to suck that week. Which it did. And I hadn’t watched Quarantine in like 5 days so I was starting to have withdrawals. So when On Demand Fearnet whatever had it for free my friend and I were like WOOHOO text date here we come.

And it was basically watching Quarantine. Which is false since REC came first. So….my question is why did they remake this movie one year after the original came out and kept like 80 percent of the movie exactly the same? A remake isn’t simply taking the exact same movie, throwing in some Americans and adding in a flimsy explanation. XO So why was REC remade instead of being marketed here and left the same?

That being said there were some differences that made the movie watching experience different) even thought it felt just like watching Quarantine). The “foreign” people could actually communicate and didn’t stand there all dazzed and confused. Angela was less of a whiner this time. The cop that lives most of the movie apologized for being a douche and then sacrificed himself when the kid nommed him. When everyone scattered when the dead dudes/intern got out they didn’t end up in the same room and that seemed more realistic to me. And the actual set up of the apartment was better. Oh and I liked that the streets were actually empty thus people could be lied to easier that everything was contained and all was happy.

But there are some parts of Quarantine I like better. Like we never saw the camera dude in this movie. :( American Angela didn’t look like a 15 year old girl. The little sick girl actually talked and had expression on her face. And I think both the camera dude and firefighter were slightly more badass in the American version.

At the end of the day I will still watch Quarantine because it is easier without subtitles (and I can blog at the same time) but REC and Quarantine is basically the same movie. Not sure why they needed to make a remake of the exact same movie but you know. Both are awesome and fun and lovely. Oh but I think REC was grosser at certain points. SHOTS IN THE WOUNDS DUDE!

Mulberry Street

This movie was free on Fearnet so I decided to give it a chance. Slowly getting used to the fact that I won’t have my Soap to blog to anymore. It was an interesting movie to say the least.

It was almost like a zombie movie but people had rat faces. I don’t recall there every being an explanation for why people turned into rats. Some movies don’t go and explain why the bad event is happening which works. Like in Cloverfield. But in this movie….yeah maybe people being turned into rat people should have been explained as that is not a common theme in movies. Or should we just blame the government like we usually do?

So…were Clutch and Coco lovers? And no I am not saying that because they are two men living together. Coco referred to Casey as his daughter as well which was a bit weird. I mean it was refreshing seeing a “badass” guy not being homophobic. But they gave off a very close vibe. And at the end when they died and Casey’s shirt fell on them they looked like lovers. So that was weird, the unspokenness between the two of them.

Dude I was surprised when Kay got taken out like that. That also might tie back into the two men having a closer relationship that Clutch and Casey but I expected her to last a little longer. Clutch barely tried to save her. Just oh they are grabbing on to her time to drive away with my daughter. So much time dedicated to her surviving and trying to be rescued just for her to splat. SPLAT.

I do like that the actors weren’t all the beautiful people. Just normal every day people living in a crappy apartment. Made it feel more real and gritty.

But the pacing of this movie was so slow at times. So very, very slow.


I think I was expecting something different when I heard of this title. I was thinking all bibley and that this movie would be about an angry fertility plant running around killing pregnant women. I have a bit of crazy in me.

But no this was about some white people messing with native people and getting their asses kicked in the meantime. Have you ever noticed that no matter where the white people end up the native people look exactly the same? But my favorite part was when the main native dude turned out to be white. Thanks for trying.

I never got why the dagger was so important. It was ugly and small and didn’t have any value jewels on it. Well maybe there was a ruby or something but not encrusted all over the damn thing. The only reason why the dagger was important was because the native people used it to keep away the monster. So…not understanding how everyone knew about the dagger or what value it had outside being in a dead person.

The death scenes were hit and miss. The guard got taken out off screen which was disappointing. Just some ketchup being thrown on a rock. But then the girl being snapped in half like a Kit Kat was awesome. Because that is how I imagine human beings would look if they were killed. They break neatly into two pieces, no organs and intestines flying everywhere. But then the people getting eaten by the large walking around tree was lame. :( No details.

Here are awesome quotes from the movie:

Do you hear the silence? WHY YES I DO!!!!

I’ll get you cigarettes. YES! Native people often desire and crave cigarettes despite not knowing what they are!

I don’t speak jungle! X_X But you do speak stupid.

Resident Evil Afterlife

SUCH DISAPPOINTMENT PEOPLE! Disappointment all over my face! Why Resident Evil WHY?!

First of all people I am not impressed with the 3-D experience. Like whoever thought it up should be shot in the face. I like the 3-D Terminator thingy at Universal Studios and that is about it. I wear glasses. I am probably never going to wear contacts. So if I wanted to see a 3-D movie I would have to wear two pairs of glasses. The first experience with 3-D movies was recently at that How to Train Your Dragon but that was not by choice. Theater messed up. And really I was dumb and thought we could see Resident Evil in normal vision. Because clearly I didn’t see 3-D IN THE NAME. So I was already disappointed before I even walked into the theater. Sadness for me.

Then the movie started. Like okay why is random Japanese girl the only wanted infected? Did the rain get in her eyeball or something? Because really you would think the chaos would SPREAD not magically just happen. The sequence was nice but it was too random for words.

We did get an Alice army for 5 seconds was nice. Until they all died. I guess they were all expendable but it still made me sad. They were made to cure the world. But soon their creator wanted to make better monsters with the blood and saw all the clones as meat puppets. Then Alice wakes them all up and uses them to take her revenge of Umbrella. So that was all bitter sweet and sad and junk.

Then Alice and his lipstick wearing self was flying to Alaska. Like okay, I totally believe she was able to find that much fuel each and every time she needed to get somewhere. Also I liked when she lost her powers she survived a horrible plane crash. Amazing people! Now Alice is a normal person. Who is magically clean and fresh like the new fallen snow. I mean I know this franchise is going to crazy with the retouching of beautiful people but now they are clean. The world has ended 5 years ago and water is too precious at this time. But everyone looks like a model with fresh clothes and no dirty finger nails. Awesome really.

Where was I going with that? Oh I wasn’t really buying the whole OH it’s not a safe town it is a safe boat. And it isn’t a safe boat it is really Umbrella cruise trip to hell. Because Umbrella wasn’t content in destroying 99.99999999999 percent of the population. No we need to kill everyone who isn’t wearing a cool uniform. Like….you do need minions right? Maybe some people to serve you chicken nuggets and sell you suits in the future? But yeah that was a bit LAME. They got it to work into the plot but it was still lame.

I am sure the prison people are happy that Alice landed her plane on their roof. Really a lot of survivors there. The black dude was pretty hard core though! But everyone else yeah. Tell us your names quickly before you die. Alice is such bad luck.


Clair is blah. Blah people. Her meeting up with her brother is blah, her attitude was blah, all was blah. BLAH.

Oh have you noticed that I haven’t talked about zombies yet? YEAH PEOPLE! You get one zombie attack the entire movie and that is the first scene. Other than that you get nothing. You get squid faced monsters and some dude with a giant axe thing. And whatever the super bad was at the end. But no one got turned AT ALL! Isn’t that the point of these zombie movies?! SO DISAPPOINTED PEOPLE!

But perhaps the most disappointing part of this show is the ending. Stay after the credits people! Now we got bad guy Jill with Clair, Alice, and Chris (with a rumored Leon in the wings). Um a movie with that many super important characters is
dangerous. SOMEONE has to die…..but who? X_X

NO MORE 3-D people! Also don’t make movies that suck. Thanks.


This was the most amazing movie EVER! Like seriously I thought that Dragon Wars was amazing and that Giant Piranha movie was too delightful for words. But now they got a strong contender here folks. Me and my Sci-Fi loving friend were counting down the DAYS! Also you know a movie is going to be a winner when it comes on at 9 and 11. It is a sign people.

I think I will start with the most awesome feature of the entire movie. THE MONSTER WALKED ON LAND! While the other giant water monsters fly out of the water to eat helicopters and stuff our home boy Shartopus walked on land to get him a car. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! And it so reminded me when a monster raises it’s “skirt” to reveal tiny human female legs. Just the best scene out of the entire movie.

But the magical sombrero scene was special too. When the main character was at the bottom of the pool holding his breath he was laying on his back. But then he gets out of the water and TADA sombrero is on his head. Huge giant hat that you can’t lay on your back when you are wearing. MAGIC IS AFOOT!

The random pirate treasure was random and awesome. While my friend liked how they slide the treasure part in so magically I was more focused on the old dude. He totally just shrugs as the girl dies and steals her treasure. He is a pirate at heart.

There were so many causalities in this movie I lost count. I kinda didn’t like all the side stories and wish that more people were nommed AND they were included in the main story. But the high death count was fun since a lot of them got speared. SILENCE I poke you.

What I loved about Sharkopus that it was giant. Like really, really huge. It done pulled that car in the water people. But when it attacked a lot of people where was it? Oh the shallow water you say? YEAH PEOPLE! We can see the bottom of the ocean and suddenly the Sharktopus goes swimming by. That massive creature eaten cars and people and it can swim in 3 feet of water? I am impressed.

However…home girl main character needs to watch some more Sci-Fi movies. She was only supposed to be a crazy angry girl for like 1/3rd of the movie. Not almost the entire thing. Seriously she was all angry, GO CATCH MY SUPER BEAST NOW. So much anger and she is the one at fault people. But of course she lives. Because that is also part of the rules people.

But overall this movie was awesome. So awesome. I recommend this movie to all.


WOOHOO PEOPLE! Finally people can get off M. Night Shyamalan’s back!!....Well I liked it anyway. :(

Everyone is well aware this is SPOILER ALERT page right? So that being said..I WAS RIGHT! I was like dude it’s the only lady and my husband was like no it is the young woman. This is after the young woman was being all sneaky and crap so his guess wasn’t a gut feeling like mine. And even when the old lady died I didn’t give up. My husband was all HAHAHA told you and I still had faith people. Because I know the rules and he doesn’t!

But yes old lady do did it. Now the only question I have was there ever an old lady or was it the devil the whole time? Why would the Devil go out of his way to prove the security guard’s story right by making the “old lady” a sinner too? Weirdness if you ask me.

I think some people might think the twist won’t be twisty enough. For me it worked well. We were to believe the young man was the killer or doing something shady with the elevator when all along he was the reason the cop was watching this. Again not sure why the Devil would be kind enough to allow the murder victim’s family get some revenge but maybe the Devil feeds on revenge. But how was the Devil going to get that information out of the dude….

Of course the twist does tie in with the other religious theme of the movie. Which I expected people. Why are there crybabies all over the internet saying that there was religious undertones? The movies was called DEVIL what did you think it was going to be about?! But yeah I liked how the cop was able to forgive and believe in God as the Devil’s plan was to create havoc and hate.

I think the tension in the elevator was solid. I think I was expecting more SCARY moments to happen but I got sucked into how paranoid the characters got and how fast they turned on each other. Especially the younger woman, she worked everyone up into a frenzy. The old lady was just being old lady like so meh. But I think I would flip out faster if people were dying and I was stuck on an elevator like 23 floors above the ground.

I think the characters were awesome. They were all…not likeable as they were criminals in some sort of way. You are supposed to hate them/fear them/loathe them. But they are trapped in an elevator slowing losing their minds and lives. Anyone in that situation would go insane. So you felt bad for them because you could imagine yourself getting hotter and hotter in the elevator, 23 floors over the ground, stuck with strangers. So don’t you feel bad for these evil people now?

However I think if a certain someone had not been narrating the movie would have been better. I think the security guard’s story would have been stronger had we not already heard a certain person saying the exact same thing earlier.

But I left the movie happy and satisfied. The husband did not.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's a gated community to keep the crazies in

When I came back from AWA the first two days of work after the convention were pretty okay. Nothing major, just working and making money. No one yelled at me, nothing caught on fire, and no one died. It was amazing. Also I was only out of town for a weekend why am I acting like I went on a real vacation? X_X

But on Friday….Friday….just no. No no no people. I was like 5 seconds away from being fired/quitting/setting the store on fire. I can’t remember the last time I have been so mad about a situation at work. Well I can. That stupid “replacement” order I had to take when I didn’t take the first order and she took all her anger out on me.

BUT ANYWAY!!!!!!! on to what made me want to throw people in the parking lot and run them over with my car. Well maybe I will borrow someone else’s vehicle since my car is tiny.

Err....that was a lot of words...sorry.

SOOOOOO like any good story involving me and delivering I wasn’t even supposed to be the driver that night. We take turns so stuff will be fair and stuff. Or maybe because when I first started working there I was taking the place of the daytime driver and we never switched over. But either way I was like ALRIGHT I can make more tips this Friday because Friday night means at home deliveries and they tend to be more generous than the businesses I get stuck with during the day.

Except I kept getting stuck on the crappy deliveries. The ones that were far away or known bad tippers. Or worse, ones that are far away and bad tippers. I got a delivery to a rich subdivision. Think golf course, people at the front gate, and it takes miles to get to some of the houses. Seriously miles at 20 miles an hour. And despite these million dollar houses and how long it takes to get to these lovely driveways with no mailboxes to help me find the damn house the average tip is 2 dollars. It is how the rich stay rich.

I mean I guess I should be happy I get anything at all. Just that they ACT like I should be happy with their table scrapes or something. In any event I gritted my teeth and drove, knowing it would take me 40 minutes to deliver this pizza and I wouldn’t have much to show for it.

Strangely enough this story is not going to be about the customer. Yes I know how can I have a rant about work and not involve a customer to start the crazy? Hint customers have bat shit crazy neighbors.

I get out of the car and walk around the other side to get the pizza out. Before I could even close the door I see a HUGE dog running at me. Not happy floopy ears silly smile type running. Like I am running to kill prey and pizza delivery girls are on the list of noms. I am not a fan of dogs on a good day when they are inside the house and I am on the outside and all is safe. So when they are running at me full speed life is not good.

By some miracle I manage not to scream or pass out or drop the pizza. The dog goes jump on me and barks near my face and scare the crap out of me. Teeth and claws just no people. I just stand there because I thought that would smarter than trying to move right? From the next yard over (and keep in mind these yards are huge so it was quite a bit aways, not a typical yard) a teenage girls starts yelling DON’T WORRY HE’S FRIENDLY!


OH OKAY! Don’t call the dog over or rescue me or anything. Just reassure the scared person that the dog jumping on them is friendly. That is the way to handle the situation folks. Oh and she just stood the dog was going to run back over to her by her presence alone or something.

So I am pissed and scared at this point and yell at the girl that her dog needs to be on a leash and to get him off me. I slowly started making my way up the customer’s driveway with the dog following me and jumping on my back the entire way. It was like some awful nightmare that I couldn’t escape. When I made it to the door the dog decided to leave me and run down the street, towards the main road. Not the neighbor’s house. Which made me smirk for the time being. Like HA now you are screwed too you should have gotten your dog while it was attacking me.

So after I delivered the pizza and got my two dollars (and after the customer confirmed the neighbor lets the dog run around all the time) it is time to go. By this time the teenager’s dad got in a vehicle and gone after the dog and the teenager. The mom and a small child (5 years old) were in the yard looking down the road. At what I don’t because you couldn’t see the dog but whatever. Time to go. Hop in my car and have plans to go forward so I can pull into a driveway and turn around. I start the car and start to go

WHEN THE SMALL CHILD RUNS IN FRONT OF MY CAR!!!! Just bolts in front of my car in an attempt to get across the street. I slam on the breaks and proceed to have a heart attack. I want everyone to know that despite the amount of rage I am about to unleash on this post I was so scared and frazzled during this entire episode. Almost running over anyone, let alone a small child was so horrible I can’t even believe to describe it.

So the kid runs in front of my car, I slam on the breaks…and the kid continues across the road. Like he almost wasn’t a road pancake. After catching my breathe I roll down my window (boo no electronic window stuff in my car) and yell at the kid. Yeah I yelled at him. I didn’t curse, I didn’t call him names, but I did yell at him. Something along the lines of LITTLE BOY (yes I used little boy) you do NOT run in front of cars! I nearly hit you! You do NOT do that!!!! The kid looked at me…and kept right on walking. Like shouldn’t most kids be crying at this point?!

So I once again start my car up to go down the road so I can turn around in a driveway. I then pass the neighbors house and the mom is just standing there. She watched the whole thing go down and didn’t go after the kid or stop him from walking away from her. Nope she was just standing there not a care in a world. Awesome parenting there mom. I turn into a driveway and go back down the road.

I pass the neighbor’s house and the customer’s house and take the small curve on that road. I pass one more house and I see the child in someone else’s yard with a bag of dog treats. And without warning the kid RUNS INTO FRONT OF MY CAR AGAIN! Like screw the Twilight Zone am I in hell?! I slam on the breaks and this time the kid gets back in the yard instead of walking across the street. I just sit there in shock. Like is this really happening to me?!?! I roll down the passenger’s side window and yell at the kid again. Something along the lines of WHAT ARE YOU THINKING LITTLE BOY! WHY DID YOU RUN IN FRONT OF MY CAR AGAIN?! STAY OUT OF THE ROAD!!!

Shaking I put my car in drive again and barely hit the gas pedal WHEN THE DOG RUNS IN FRONT OF MY CAR! WHY GOD WHY! The dog runs by me and goes down the street, in the direction of his house and I stare down the road, wishing to know what I did to deserve this. I see the teenager at the end of the road talking to her dad in the vehicle. The little boy is walking over to them and I want to die. So very slowly I go down the road, get on the main road, and turn off on the first side street. There I park my car and take some deep soothing breathes.

I was attacked by a dog. I almost hit a small child with my car twice. I nearly ran over the attacking dog. Like why is this all happening to me? Frazzled me just sat in the car for a few minutes because I didn’t trust my shaking hands to drive the car. A quick call to my husband to help calm myself down and rant and I was good to go.

I get back to the store and everyone seems to be busy or in a bad mood. Guess things were busy while I was gone for that 40 minutes of hell. I mention to my manager that I would rather do an activity that would keep me in the back as I was too upset to deal with customers right now. I did mention to her and various people that I wasn’t happy that I nearly ran over a kid and was attacked by a dog but I didn’t go into great detail. Which might be hard to believe looking over how much I have typed so far. X_X Seriously people I can be quiet when I need to be. Or when I am feeling crappy.

Off to the dish room I go. Starting putting the other dishes away and filling up the sinks. Started doing the trays of doom. Suddenly my manager runs to the back and starts yelling at me that she just got cussed out by some crazy guy on the phone saying I cursed out his kid.


I go to defend myself but the manager (who happens to be my mom) is yelling for the
owner to take the phone call because she was not dealing with that jerk. In that brief moment I tried to find a rocket launcher so I could escape to the moon but all I found was some cheese and croutons. Sensing things were about to be bad I decided to explain my side of the story as fast as possible. My momanager actually listened to me without interruption which was the only good thing about this entire situation. She did state that she wished I had told her the entire story from the start (don’t know HOW that was going to happen but whatever) but other than that she was not going to kill me. Plus one on the minus 5787687 scale.

She then tells me the crazy person started screaming at her the moment she picked up the phone. Like WHO THE F**K DO YOU HAVE DRIVING FOR YOU! THEY F**CKING SCREAMED AT MY KID! DO YOU EVER WANT TO DELIVERY TO OUR NEIGHBORHOOD AGAIN?!?!?! I WILL GET YOU BANNED! Blah blah. Like she hadn’t even said hi to the dude yet and he screamed at her. He went on to say (scream) that they live in a cul-de-sac and his kids are allowed to play in the street without getting yelled at by crazy drivers and he has 5 witnesses that will testify that I screamed at his kid for no reason and I am a menace to society and that people were watching the kid.

OH OKAY! Let the lies begin. No dude you do not live in a cul-de-sac. Maybe down the road your street ends in a cul-de-sac but where your house is no, that is what we normal people call a road. No I do not think kids should ever play in the road. The road is for cars. And your kid was not playing in the road, where I would have time to predict his movements. He ran in front of the car. The only witness for me yelling at the kid the first time was the mom and she just stood there. The second time the dad and sister were down the road. So where are these 5 witnesses? Where are the people watching the kids?

So after I tell my momager the truth and she tells me the man’s lies we realize that the owner is talking to the guy. Momager is mad that she got screamed at for no reason and I am pissed that surly I shall die. Now because I am a super dumb ass I decided that I would stand next to my boss to hear what was going on. Because I was mad, still shaken from the disaster that was the event, and I have a death wish.

Well my boss decided it was throw Tenchi under the buss day at work. He told the man that he was SO SORRY for how I treated his son and that I caused such an inconvenience and that he will handle the matter. He then asks for the guy’s name, number, and address so he can send him some free pizza as a gesture of good will.

Tenchi went to crazy town. Yeah I ran to my momager and told her what I just heard and that I couldn’t believe I was being treated that way. Momager was not pleased at all and told me to go on my next delivery.

Of course all did not go as planned. Boss got off the phone, momager had words for the boss, I had angry words, and it ended with a screaming match behind the store for some reason. I would go into more detail but HAHA there was so much rage in that moment it would be uncomfortable to type it out. That and I don’t know….part of me doesn’t want to get fired.

So a quick review. I delivered a pizza safe and sound and am nearly eaten by a dog. I almost run over said dog and a small child because no one was watching them. Dad (who was not present for ANYTHING) call and screams at my momager lies about me and the boss gives them free pizza despite the fact that they have never ordered from us before.

My life rocks.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nendoroid 27a Izumi Konata Comptique version!

A complete surprise of a purchase for me! I have seen Konata for sale before at conventions but she had a ridiculous price tag on her so I passed on her. That and I am hyper aware of bootleg versions of this particular lovely. So I thought maybe my Lucky Star Comptique collection would not be complete.

However AWA had some surprise Nendoroids for me! I thought maybe vendors would be selling some Nagis or something. But no, some vendors are still holding on to their older inventory. Yay for me right?


My collection is complete! Well it will be on my birthday...

So it is time to look at lots of pictures I have taken of my lovely Konata. Beware of serious cuteness and possibly a random cat in the pictures. XD


Opening the packages for the first time is always so much fun. The only time where I know where all the pieces go and everything looks like it fits together perfectly. Then WHOOSH the spare pieces go in the bucket destined to be confused with other pieces...


Someone wanted to be included in the Nendoroid picture taking marathon. Clearly I was missed while at AWA. XD You can see the other cat up in the corner but since he tried to eat MUGI'S ARM he is a bad boy. BAD BOY!


Behold my lovely!!! She is in much better condition than the other Comptique Lucky Star girls. Rarw people. Rarw. But I will look on the positive and that I own them all. I don't plan on selling my collection any time soon so I guess that I shouldn't be that concern with resale value.


Unlike the other girls Konata's ears are not just a little hat on her head. No her little hair piece is removal and is what keeps the ears in place. Not sure how I feel about that but it works. Although you do have to shove the hair pretty far in without the ears on to hide the nonpainted section.


Konata comes with a little newspaper. Surely it must be about the happenings in the otaku world yes?


Someone needs attention 24/7. LOVE ME MOMMA!


I love stickers! Let's see how I do with these babies. But why did I get so many extras....


Okay so maybe stickers don't love me. But I tried folks!


Konata appreciates me trying with the stickers so that is all that matters.


Back view of the stickers. You can't see how crocked they are now. XD


This amuses Konata. Greatly!


This is Konata being serious I think...


Are you boxing the air or trying to kitty love me?


I couldn't get Konata to sit in the chair. :( The legs wouldn't fit in the sitting...butt? :(


Thems are fighting words!


All the Comptique versions I have so far. One is still sitting in the closet, waiting for my birthday. Aren't they a happy bunch? Also Konata is floating high in the sky. XD


I see you little cow. Welcome me into the fold now!

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Kobato Drop 22 a and b


They better be hiding Fujimoto's face or so help me...

Dear Kobato Manga,

Please stop coming out so slowly and such few pages. It makes Tenchi a very sad blogger. I am sure other CLAMP fans are sad and frustrated with the slow pacing on the releases too. Of course it truly is the fault of the magazine people in regards to the pages. And I guess no one wants the ladies of CLAMP to pass out from being overworked. Still…sadness people. Sadness all over my face.

I was going to wait until this arc was over but that might be forever in Kobato time. So I shall do it today since TV sucks and the Fall Anime Season hasn’t started yet. So here we go, Drop 22 a and b.

Love Tenchi

Fujimoto is all upset because the kids have told him that Kobato has gone off to see Okiura. It seems like forever since I have typed those two names. Also it seems as if Kobato has run off to see Okiura a million years ago since they have been talking about Angel Kobato for the past 5 months. So yeah it is weird typing all this. DISCONNECT PEOPLE!


Yay for honesty!

So Kobato gets to Okiura who muses that they are meeting in this area because his man (the one who passed out from his appendix 2 years ago…) was worried for Kobato. Because he is Yakuza. That is a pretty big thing to admit to so I am surprised he said it. Of course Okiura is a cocky person so maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise. And it really isn’t a surprise that Kobato acted like like yakuza was his last name and not some scary gang term. Because Kobato is special.


MOG didn't see that coming!!!

Kobato breaks it down (really simply). She asks if Okiura will stop trying to close the school down. He humors her and is like oh okay as long as I get my money. Okiura makes it clear that no matter how hard Fujimoto works it will never be enough to pay him back. I am not sure if that was him being mean or realistic. Sorta hard to tell as Okiura is going to turn out to be misunderstood man but whatever.


Deep down this is about love people!

Fujimoto is running around town looking all frantic when he runs into Takashi. I don’t know WHY Fujimoto took forever in saying who he was looking for. But maybe he thought Takashi didn’t know what Kobato’s name was. And he did go on and on about her faults. However he did that because he really likes her so I guess it makes it cute. Sorta. In a way. If my husband said oh Tenchi is a clumsy girl who is late to everything and talks too much I am sure he would say it with love. Or back it up with some nice things about me. But Fujimoto has a hard time with being honest so you know.


Be nicer to your awesome friend!!!

I keep forgetting that Takashi hasn’t spent much time with Kobato in the manga. The anime was slightly different in that aspect which is sorta why I would have been okay with a TakashixKobato relationship. But here he knows Fujimoto cares deeply for Kobato and he focuses on finding Kobato as fast as possible. He also knows Fujimoto will deny having feelings for Kobato so he is like no, we aren’t dealing with that bull right now let’s just find Kobato. We need more Takashi!


And moving right along...

Drop b (see we are already through the first chapter!!!) Kobato agrees that she will do what she can to earn money for Okiura but doesn’t think it is much. Okiura interprets Kobato words as her not being able to do whatever he asks but it is really her thinking she can’t do whatever he asks. Which it doesn’t matter because we all know he is implying that Kobato should be a prostitute so you know. Kobato can be confused about it and Okiura can be vague about it because really the thought of Kobato being in that position makes me sad.


How dare you break through my facade!

Kobato changes the subject much to my happiness. She asks if paying back the debt will heal his heart, if it will make him happy. That is the first time Okiura looks worried or has an expression on his face other than smuggy punk. Kobato goes on and on about how she feels when she heals hearts and how she understands happiness. She asks Okiura what his happiness is. I am sure that is the first time in a long time that someone has asked Okiura that question. He probably deserves that but hey it will get him thinking folks.


That was slightly rude and unexpected....

THEN whoosh we are going to see Ginsei and Kohaku. WHY!!!! Move the storyline along people!!! But Ginsei shows up in her garden while she is watering the plants. She makes a joke that she used to accidentally Shuichiro because she couldn’t do the spell right. Ginsei seems to not care about people’s personal business and history because he asks which version of Shuichiro did she mess the spell up on. Nice Ginsei, nice.


Human feelings, love, what?!

Before we can find out why Ginsei is there we get a scene of an angry Fujimoto running through town. He is acting pissed that Kobato ran off and that Okiura is always responsible for taking his…wait his? The world HIS startles Fujimoto. I think he is starting to realize that he has feelings! Feelings of love and stuff. Scary people. But it is actually cute.


Well Ginsei...I guess you can be there to pick up the pieces.

Then we go back to Ginsei and Kohaku for one whole page which is a super waste in my opinion. But he comments again on Kohaku’s personal life, like what if the new version of Shuichiro didn’t desire her? TWIST THE KNIFE HARDER!!! Really Ginsei is trying to piece together why Ioryogi would help out this Kobato when it would kill angel Kobato in the process. So yeah people, it really had nothing to do with Kohaku and he probably hurt her for no reason.

XO I demand more manga pages! More people, I am greedy for CLAMP! But yeah I wish Kobato got released on a more regular time table, it is hard to stay connected to the storyline this way. :(

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nendoroid 102: Tsumugi Kotobuki!


Yeah my posts are all so coherent and informational. Mmm I am totally making sense here.

But yes people, I love Mugi. Although I am a bit ashamed to call myself a Mugi fan when apparently I forgot her name is Tsumugi. I suck. Sorry for my oversight Mugi. I do love you and your cuteness! So coming home with Mugi made AWA a success just in that regards. XD


Mugi is mine! Be jealous!

Also be warned there are a lot of pictures in this entry. I think I got a little carried away. But I love Mugi so it's okay. Share in the love!


Ah Mugi. One of the favorite things I love about you is I got you for 5 dollars less than I should have. XD The vendor mispriced one of his three Mugis (the only ones in the entire dealer's room WOOHOO!!!) and I was able to get the cheaper one. GO ME!


Welcome to the collection Mugi. You will find that most of the other Nendoroids are nice and willing to share clothes. Also you are pretty adorable. XD


What's that? A cool accessory just for me?


It is time to jam people! Even though Mugi is the only Light Music Club member I have I am sure some other Nendoroids will be happy to play with her.


So content with her pickle eyebrows.


Do you hear that? Oh it's just your crazy cat? Okay carry on.


Fortunately that tea set isn't expensive...




Mugi needed a close up. Enjoy her cute innocent face NOW!


Mugi comes with a new stand that I haven't seen before. Not sure how I feel about it. She isn't that heavy so why such a dramatic base? She is blasting off at the speed of light!


Tea set still looking a little shaking but better!


It's my other Mugi figurine! A lot of booths had her but I managed to save a few bucks on her by comparison shopping. Of course my husband is all like I am sure you will save even more by buying this stuff while we are IN Japan. But I wanted it now son. Also featured is a random figurine that I had hiding in Mugi's box so she wouldn't get squished. I love blue!


Little Mugi has such huge eyes and Mugi has none. X_X Crazy times.


Yes hello? Are you aware that I am so cute? XD


You will jam out while I set the table okay?


Thanks for stopping by and visiting us! XD I love my new Mugi. My husband says my LOVE only lasts for a short amount of time until the next cute nendoroid comes out. For now I love you Mugi. But I will love you forever (with you). XD

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Amagami SS episode 13: AI IS BORING!


Bonding over trash WOOHOO!

HAHAHA! Work had a lovely event today. I mean it was still crappy and I needed back up and everyone was too busy flittering around not helping me. But something terrible happened to my boss and I felt like dancing inside. Because I am evil XD

Oh Amagami? A new arc? Do I care?

I guess I have time to kill before Sharktopus comes on. Let me try to muster up a few words….


Best part of the whole show.

Episode Summary: Junichi starts off with being depressed over being stood up on Christmas Eve. I wonder if we are ever going to see her. He runs into Ai who is a happy, bubbly girl buying a present for her little brother. Two years pass. Masayoshi and Junichi run into Tsukasa and talk about how it is shame she is always so busy. But neither of them can be bothered to help her so that was useless. On the way home the wind makes Junichi want to pee so they run to a nearby park. There they see Ai jump off a swing and expose their panties. The boys have never seen panties before ever so they stare. This does not go over well with Ai as she threatens to call the police. The boys freak and she claims that she was joking. She runs off and Junichi doesn’t have to pee anymore. Really am I typing this? While walking to school the next morning Kaoru runs up and grabs his butt. Yeah. Junichi acts all freaked out and threatens to grab hers. Kaoru declares Junichi a pervert and Ai is close by witnessing the whole thing. Also Ai talks about a cat at school. At lunch Junichi is having a hard time deciding between two dishes. Ai comes up and acts like a jerk. Junichi apologizes for holding up the line.


You have brought shame upon lunch!!!!

After eating Junichi spots the cat Miya was talking about and goes after it. Hibiki talks to Ai who was going to practice swimming after lunch. But she goes outside to look for the cat too. She sees Junichi near some stairs and automatically assumes he was going to be a pervert. Ai then decides to flash him some underwear because quite frankly WHY NOT?! Junichi looks away and then realizes that it was just her swimsuit. Suddenly it is no longer sexy. Miya then tries to bore Junichi to tears later that night with talk of a raffle and how Ai wouldn’t stop talking about him. At school Ai laughs at Junichi because Miya wrote on his head about the contest and how he better not forget her tickets. This is getting so boring I might pass out. There is some big to do about a cloth and wiping up the mark. We see the other girls being pretty boring too. After school Ai makes Junichi her pack mule but rewards him with the coupons she earned from that shopping trip. He then uses the coupons to win nothing but crap. He then wants to give her back the 5 dollars he won but she won’t take them and there is drama. So he decides to buy them treats so they can share. They walk to the beach to eat said awesome snacks. Then Ai starts talking about how people shouldn’t throw their trash away in trash cans. Junichi then gets all manly and picks up trash off the beach. This impresses Ai SO MUCH it gets all sparkly and THANK GOD the end!!!


The overpoliteness kills me!

I thought Sae was going to be the boring girl out of the bunch. I was WRONG. Ai is so…..horrible. I thought she was going to be a hard to know girl, a little rough around the edges. I was so wrong. Wrong people.



But I did learn that the wind can cause you to go to the bathroom. AMAZING right? Oh and Junichi is a BOY. I know certain things can make females go X_X and need to go to the bathroom (train tracks anyone) but boys and their special penises can’t handle the wind? Maybe I am just picking on Junichi because of the dumb face he made…


Kaoru grabbing Junichi’s butt was so random. Like wtf people. I don’t even know what I can say about that…


Oh it's only showing as much as underwear. But since it's not underwear no one cares.

So um…can someone explain to me how underwear is sexy and a swimsuit is only meh. Because really I am dying to know. Both show the same amount of skin. The leg and thigh area would be exposed. Possible camel toe might occur. But Junichi was all OH when he realized it was a swimsuit because somehow that changes things. So that was stupid.


You have the right to remain silence!

So Ai was going to call the cops in the boys how? She was swinging wrong on the equipment and her skirt flew the air. I probably look too. I guess people (men) are too worried about appearing to be perverts that the mere threat of such action is enough to scare them. Scare them hard enough that they don’t question that this doesn’t make sense.


I would make a joke but I hate that word....

I thought Sae and her getting a job thing was a stupid connection between her and Junichi. But now a cat? HAS NO ONE EVER SEEN A CAT BEFORE?! Now..I might have chased after a cute kitty on my lunch break but Junichi? And Ai doesn’t have enough train for the competition during normal hours but she has time run after the cat? And how loud was the cat meowing?


Trash goes in your school bag DUH!

Ai has decided that she loves Junichi because he picks up trash at the beach. This is after she told him to take his trash home with him. Because you know how he just tossed the stuff all over the beach and didn’t gesture the trash can. WHERE TRASH GOES. No no, apparently trash does not go in the trash can. You need to go home and throw it away so on the correct trash day you can toss it out then. Like seriously people. I am not going to carry trash in my purse all day.

Okay I am having a hard time thinking of anything positive with this episode/arc. Ai is cute but this is boring. PEACE OUT!

Also I just noticed most of my screenies were crotch/butt shoots. X_X

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