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Eden of the East movie II: Paradise Lost


I think this sums up how I feel. And how everyone else feels too.

Okay Adam. I watched the second Eden of the East movie. And if you were waiting for a long in-depth explanation….well I guess I will wait in line after you because that ain’t going to happen in this blog. XD Sorry!

But yeah people. My face is a bit of X_X and a lot of @_@ and a tiny bit of *_*. Then my husband walked in the room and was like whoa my wife only has keyboard keys as eyes. So Eden of the East may be responsible for the downfall of my marriage. I mean do you want to be married to someone who has @@ for eyes? I wouldn’t!

So yeah people. Spoilers for people who….I don’t know, got the movie and understand what is going on?


Exactly people. If anything we must walk away from this series thinking about the poor NEETS and their sausage fest at sea.

SO PEOPLE! To review the series and both the movies: 11 (or 12 even though I think Mr. Outside was number 12) were given 10 billion yen to change the country. 1 of them died in the process but that is because he was a cheating pile of scum. In the end NONE OF THEM changed Japan and they all had their memories wiped except Akira because he erased his at the beginning of episode 1. Saki may never see Akira again as Akira and Mr. Outside are teaming up to change Japan. THE END!

So….what was the point to this series you ask? You are asking this because I said so! Also because I am thinking it and if I am thinking it other people are thinking it too.


Or Eden of the East was about confusing everyone. You decide.

In the end I THINK this series was about making the people of Japan think and take charge of their lives. That even if someone had all the money in the world they wouldn’t be a wealthy girl….err I mean they still wouldn’t have the power to change things. Well maybe if they had EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR/YEN/WHATEVER in the world. But 11 people had 118 million dollars and not one of them was able to change Japan. You would think with that kinda cash something awesome would have happened. But instead we got one really awesome hospital, a shopping mall, and almost 20,000 people got jobs. That is it.


Eden of the East: You lack the love story!

So the moral of the story has to be that if we (well really THEM the people of Japan) all work together change can happen. Change cannot happen if only 11 people are trying to push for change. People whine and complain about things all the time but make no steps to change anything. They think that alone their one voice means nothing. But if every single person got together they could force change to happen. And yes I intend to use the word change 118,000,000 times in this entry.

In the end all Akira could do was push people in the direction of change. Well and stop Mononobe from bringing back whatever it was he was trying to bring back. I am sure actual Japanese people knew what he was talking about but since I am dumb and fail at Japanese history I don’t. But whatever he was planning on bringing back was going to limit people’s freedom in Japan which is a great big no in my book. Well and to give him credit he did save all those people in episode 1. Mononobe’s plan to make a stronger government would have been stronger had there been some dead people under his belt that he could paint as sad victims and thus insist a stronger government would have prevented such a tragedy.


Well I guess all those people getting jobs is a really good thing...

But as a whole most of the Selecaos wasted their money on stupid crap. Even Akira could have saved himself a buttload of money had he said his final speech on a major news network instead of a massive phone call. People got their Juizs blown up for no reason. The one Selecao who managed to hoard all their money got it all taken away which is pretty funny. So again all Japan has to show for this effort is a super nice hospital and a mall. We the viewers, the players, and Saki’s crew know that so much more money went into the craziness that was this series but this is the result and the result is sad.


These two are allowed to be worse for the wear since they sent missiles to kill people!

Also the players themselves are worse for the wear in my opinion. They have a huge chunk of their life gone which will probably cause problems for years to come with business and their personal lives. I don’t care about the dude who died because he deserved it. And I guess it was okay that Mononobe and Yuuki probably died as Yuuki was crazy enough to send off more missiles and Mononobe forgot the message Akira sent so he be pushing for the government to take over still. But Akira still feels the need to help Japan out and will have to live his life on the run. One of them is in jail. Things are not good for these players.



You deserve to be smacked in the head and so much more...

And what was up with them ALL winning? Explain to me how money hoarder won? Or crazy Yuuki? Or even Akira if you think about it? In the end Saki says that she sees no real change in Japan and I tend to agree with her. But maybe Mr. Outside was a crazy old man and wanted to simply see what 11 random cab riders would do with that much cash to change Japan. Maybe he isn’t applying morals to the situation and that there was no right way or wrong way to spend the money. Just the fact that they all (well mostly) fought hard and believed sincerely in their vision means they are all winners. Just like in Little League, everyone walks away with a trophy.


We find Mr. Outside...and none of it even matters.

Except the viewers of course. We walk away wondering what any of this meant. The movies didn’t feel like movies but episodes. Episodes we had to wait a long time for. And for American viewers a lot of the dramatic issues in this series was lost on us. We don’t know how Japan was after War World 2, how NEETS are treated in society, or how complacent Japanese people had become with their everyday lives. All those issues are important in understand what the hell is going on and we can never understand them. So from that aspect we are going to fail no matter what.



But I think another point where the movies fail is …..well HELLO Saki and Akira didn’t end up together! I mean it is only 6 months after Akira’s phone call to the entire country. There is still hope that they might get together once Akira is done pretending he can save the country. That might be never but since it is left up in the air we can’t say for sure that they won’t be a couple one day. But for now all we got is one kiss and the crazy fact they only spent 11 days together. It makes me sad and unsatisfied with the series.


And you suck. The end.

The whole Akira’s mother part of the movie made no sense at all to me given the fact a DNA test was going to be done ANYWAY! Didn’t Akira plan on Mrs. Wife saying okay time to prove who you really are strange boy? So I don’t know what any of that actually accomplished except make Saki sad that Akira had a shitty ass mom. I mean I guess in the end she thought she was helping by running away but since Akira admitted he wasn’t the Prime Minister’s son it looked like she was helping herself. Thus I am pissed off at the storyline.


Usually someone sending missiles to blow up cities lack love my dear Akira.

The fact that Eden group got screwed in the end was pretty sad too. This group worked really hard and helped saved the country and they were used as a scapegoat as Akira was nowhere to be found. It seems that they will eventually pick themselves out of this craziness and make the company better but it is still frustrating.


I think we all lost the game at this point...

So in conclusion….I don’t even know. A lot of things went over my head, like the significance of certain Selecao purchases or how everyone was like a million times smarter than me. Like seriously Pantsu how did you figure all that out?! But yeah so much stuff went over my head and left me going okay let’s just roll with it. I think that Eden of the East had a lot of diehard fans following it and now we are left with a wtf feeling.


Instead of being sad about not seeing Akira since that day...she is able to smile and know he is making life better for everyone.

However…no matter how disappointed I am or confused Akira as a character made me smile. He was very human to me. He erased his memories because he couldn’t deal with the pain of everyone hating on him. But then he stepped up and tried his hardest to protect everyone and be the leader that everyone needed. And when that didn’t work he became the terrorist everyone needed to hate and still works behind the scene to make the country better. So even if Japan isn’t better NOW it will be because of people like Akira.

So…this series was about hope. And confusion. Mostly confusion. But hope that the next generation will help shape our world to a better and kinder place.

And the dog was cute. The end.

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High School of the Dead Episode 9

XO Look at me, trying to get caught up on my blogging. Since I am planning on blogging three more episodes/movies before Thursday I am trying to squeeze as many posts in this week as possible. So move over my little emo boys it is time for some blood and guts!


Show him the boobies!!!

Well and boobies. Can’t have High School of the Dead without boobies. -_-

Beware of Takashi sexually harassing a female and being crowned a hero for it. But as crummy as that was there is absolutely no Rei in this episode so Yay?


Um.... didn't you see her in less last episode?

Episode Summary: Saeko and Takashi are like well that is amazing that our friends are safe but yeah….we are screwed. Takashi is like let’s go this way since I know the neighborhood. They are running around and avoiding the zombies. They run into a motorcycle type shop to get some wheels. They end up getting a vehicle that can glide on water or something. There is some slight flirting going on as they travel the city. They happen upon more zombies so they decide to take the vehicle for a ride in the ditch water. This of course soaks Saeko and of course her school uniform is see through. After Takashi gets done at staring at her boobies they realize they are safe. They make it to a sandbar where Saeko has to dramatically take off her wet clothes and wear a tank top. Saeko notices that Takashi is all embarrassed and she teases him, that she is a girl after all. They hang out on the sandbar for a while until the zombies go away. In this time Takashi randomly asks if Saeko has ever had a crush on anyone. Saeko is amused…but sadly answers yes. They make it back to the street but they are quickly surrounded by zombies.



Takashi runs the vehicle into a pond (MOG SAEKO IS WET AGAIN HAHAHA JOKE!). Takashi’s plan is to make the thingy thing run around in a circle and let the zombies be drawn to the noise. However Saeko jumps out and starts killing zombies and makes lots of noise. She stops though when she sees zombie children. She almost gets nommed but Takashi takes them out and drags Saeko away. They end up at a temple where things seem safe. Saeko seems out of it and Takashi gives her space. He slips her a real sword and her dried clothes. She smiles at his kindess. Oh and there is talk about a porta potty or something. Then Saeko really opens up to Takashi about her past. 4 years ago she was attacked on the way home and she really busted up the guy with her sword. Takashi is like but it was justified! Saeko explains that she allowed the guy to attack her because she wanted to hurt him. That she felt alive when it happened. And now that the world has ended she gets to hurt people and feel that way all the time. Takashi tries to say he feels that way too now but Saeko says the darkness was already in her heart and that is why she is not allowed to like anyone, because she is not a really a gentle girl.


More zombie kids please.

Takashi stops her self hating speech by kissing her….and then the scene goes dark. The next day Takashi is like time to go…but zombies show up. Saeko decides to stand there and look dumb because she has given up on life. Takashi decides that the best way to snap her out of it is to SNATCH HER BOOBIES AND PULL ON THEM! Oh and he says something about how she is so great and he looks up to her and he will do anything to protect her. Her feeling loved makes her feel better and she goes on a killing spree. Getting wet in the process of course. Saya is waiting at the house for Takashi but when he shows up with Saeko all happy like she gets pissed. Alice greets the two warmly and Takashi thinks to himself that he had accepted Saeko’s dark side to survive in this new world. THE END!

Holy Crap people. X_X Can I go back to the feeling post? Like…this post had a lot of feeling in it too but they are kinda scary feelings.

I think I will start with the issue that made me -_- the most. Can we guess what moment that was people? XO You are right, the boob grabbing moment! How predictable Tenchi is mad at the boob scene.

However…I think it is justifiable to be angry at this moment. It wasn’t the fanservice I was mad at. Saeko had her boobies shown when she was all wet from the water and that tank top isn’t hiding anything. I am not complaining about those moments. I have accepted those moments. I have moved on since the director himself said he wanted to make a tits and ass type of anime.



But no people. Women are not objects. The first boob grab was okay because it was done by a scummy guy who was being scummy. It had a purpose, to show that the jerk was an asshole. What he did was sexual assault and he deserved what came to him shortly thereafter. But now Takashi has done the exact same thing and he is a hero.


What the fuck?! Yeah this was so necessary.

Only he is worse than the first dude. Grabbing someone’s boob is not the way to bring them back from the brink of suicide. He could have grabbed her by the waist, held her close, and told her all the crap he ended up saying. This all would have been just as effective without the boob grab. Hell it would have been MORE effective. Usually when someone grabs someone else’s boob the focus is on that action and not the words being said. Plus maybe Takashi would have been seen as romantic at that moment.



So yeah director. Go for your tits and ass show if that is what you want. But this scene was unnecessary. You should have showed her getting dressed more if you needed to fill your boob quota for the episode. This was just too much, did nothing to further the plot, and really left a bad taste in my mouth. Female bodies are not property of men. Also if I want to let zombies eat my brain someone grabbing my boob will not make me feel better. THANKS FOR LISTENING!

So putting THAT HORRIBLE ASPECT OF THE SHOW aside let’s see what else there is to discuss. There seems to be less zombies around. I thought that was because of the barrier in the last episode but since Saeko and Takashi didn’t run into anymore I am thinking that is not the case. Maybe there were less people in that part of town dude to the fact that most people were at work and school at that time of the zombie attacks. Or maybe the crew that saved the others has started taking out the zombies in that sector. So while Takashi and Saeko did run into trouble it wasn’t near as bad as previous episodes.

I am not sure the obsession with finding vehicles that can go on water. Me I would go for something that would cover me completely and run over zombies. That is just me and my brain though. Clearly it is better to ride around completely exposed to the elements. But they had to have that vehicle so they could get on the sandbank and have the wet moment. Also Takashi needed to ask Saeko about who she has liked in the past. Because it is not like Takashi was almost ready to do Rei on the stairs last night (relative to the characters of course).


Um yeah I had a plan....

Why did Saeko get out of the spinning car things and start making a bunch of noise? I mean I guess she needed to have her break down moment in front of those kids but couldn’t that have happened a different way? With them trying to get away and still she had to fight? But I guess maybe that was the point. Takashi has a method on getting them out of that situation without killing and Saeko runs around and does a lot of killing. I guess that makes sense but if I was Takashi I be like GIRL if we were going to do that from the start we could have least taken the vehicle.


Look at me not being an evil man WOOHOO!

I do think that Takashi handled the situation well once they got into the temple. He didn’t perv on Saeko when she was changing (which would have been weird anyway since he has seen more of her than anyone else so far) and he got her a shiny new sword. He tried to make a lame joke and didn’t push the whole why didn’t you kill the zombie kids issues. Good job Takashi. For 5 minutes you weren’t a horrible person.


Although I am still confused what the kids had to do with anything...

Saeko’s back story was surprising to me. Part of me is like you know what….good for you. Good for you bashing in a guy who tried to rape a girl. Hell you could have killed him and I be saying good job! So for her to think that she shouldn’t love like a normal girl is a bit sad. Obviously having murderous intentions is not a good thing but if directed at the right people (aka people trying to rape you and zombies) it is okay in my book.


I think I might snap too...

On the other hand…this is how psychopaths are born. So I guess that is good that she recognizes that in herself. Not that it should have kept her from loving someone but I get where she thinks bad of herself. I don’t think she should feel that way but I get WHY she feels that way if that makes sense. Also if I was in the middle of a zombie apocalypse I want her on my side. But yeah maybe you shouldn’t take joy in killing zombies because they used to be human. I believe in getting the job done and not really acting like woohoo this is fun.


So...they show everything else but we got to guess if they had sex or not?

So did Saeko and Takashi have sex? I don’t know. I mean I rather Takashi take the real time to talk Saeko down from her crappy moment. So maybe he just kissed her to let her know despite her serial killer type ways she is still attractive. If he had sex with her this is my disappointed face. I mean 24 hours ago he was on top of Rei almost having sex with her. So that would be kinda scummy. Had it not been for that scene though I say go for it Takashi!


We made it...it's a miracle.

So after the BOOB GRABBIGN SCENE THAT WAS UNNECESSARY Saeko kicks some more ass and gets wet again but this time without any bodies of water. They make it to Saya’s house and there is a semi warm welcome. Saya is jealous and she doesn’t even know the half of it. XD Rei apparently isn’t paying attention which is bad on her part. But I guess Alice and Kohta is better than nothing. Just remember to lock the gate.


Of course I use a version of the episode that doesn't use the wording I am talking about....

Takashi’s last thoughts about Saeko seem to be up for debate on the interwebs. He accepted her darkness so he could survive this new world seems pretty cut and dry to me. He knows he needs Saeko on his side so she can cut down the zombies. That in this new world he has to accept things quicker or at all. Maybe if this had been just a normal day he be like dude yous a freak and run away. But now it’s like okay, life is shit so you having problems with feeling bad about yourself is not high on my caring list. So yeah maybe he worded it wrong but I think some part of him accepted her story because…he has to. That’s it.

Everyone is happy now yes? In a nice big house safe from zombies? Of course not! Time for more in fighting! Takashi should have picked another “good looking guy” to be in his group because all the girls fighting over him will end in tears. And probably death. But mostly death. We shall see the fallout from the “kiss” next week hopefully.


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Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitte Iru Episode 21: FULL OF FEELINGS!


Look at my playing both sides!

Rejoice for Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitte Iru Episode 21 people! I can’t believe it’s already Monday night?! XO Where did all my time off go? I can’t wait to get home from work on Saturday night and most of my weekend is already gone XO

But that is okay. The closer to my work week means more and more of my shows get subbed. So it is give and take people. That and the drama of boy on boy relationships make me happy.

Spoilers for emotions and scary eyebrows. XO Oh and Yuki and Luka reunite finally! WOOHOO!


Yes why are you protecting us Reiga/Kanata person?

Episode Summary: Kanata is waiting for young Yuki to come home from school. And by young Yuki I mean like 6 months ago. Anyway Kanata is happy to see Yuki but says that he has to give him space since Yuki is studying for exams. But Kanata breaks out into an epic love story about how he and Yuki are going to have epic adventures in the future, with summer breaks and field trips and the such. Yuki gives Kanata his scarf and I think there are wedding bells playing in the back ground. None of that matters though because Yuki realizes that the person who saved him isn’t Kanata but Reiga and his special hat. Kuroto and Senshirou are like….um…..why aren’t we splat cakes? Cadenza is like okay I know you have a thing for Mr. God’s Light but he needs to die if we want to take over the world!


Beware the blurry screenie!!!

Elsewhere Takashiro and Hotsuma are trying to remind the audience that they are important. But not in this episode sorry. Reiga is like you listen to me eyebrow man I brought you into this world and I can take you out. Eyebrows isn’t too happy with that so Reiga binds him with chains. Cadenza reveals that Reiga is dumb. He summoned two General Class evils and that means his power is cut in half. Which means that Cadenza is stronger than him. Cadenza proves that by breaking free of his bonds. Kuroto and Senshirou are like surely we shall die and also everyone is crazy. Reiga is like um I tried of you Cadenza so he tries to put him back in Duras land. Only it takes too long for him to get the spell done and Cadenza attacks. Reiga is looking like crap and he can barely protect himself let alone the others. So it’s probably a good thing that when Cadenza attacks again Luka protects everyone.


Thus the standing around begins.

Yuki is like WOOHOO Luka is there…but then looks guilty about the whole Reiga thing. Luka misinterprets Yuki sadness and says he will protect Reiga because that is what Yuki wants. Again Kuroto and Senshirou are like WTF people. Toko and Tsukumo show up but Luka wants everyone to run away and protect Yuki. That slightly pisses Kuroto off but everyone seems to agree. Which is dumb. Cadenza attacks again and Reiga and Luka both end up protecting the group. Yuki decides to make Luka feel even worse by bringing up the past and telling Reiga he is still Kanata and that they had plans to buy a summer home and stuff. Only Reiga is like no, I am keeping you alive because it is a part of my evil plot to control the world. Yuki is sad. Cadenza is suddenly like okay boss I will listen to you. Hotsuma and Shuusei finally show up and are like…so what is happening? Everyone just stands around and looks at each other for a while. THE END!

SO MANY FEELINGS!!!!!! Are you overwhelmed by the feelings yet?


Look at our bright future!!!

I really loved Kanata’s past promises to Yuki. 5 more seconds and I think we would have seen a proposal people. Oh Yuki, it’s my dream to marry you and adopt all these little children. We will buy a house with no picket fences since this is Japan but I’ll get a tire swing to make up for it. And when I come home from work you will be wearing a cute little apron and greet me warmly. And then when our kids are grown and gone we will sit on the porch and talk about the good old days of when I tried to kill you because I was really Reiga and how you never gave up on me because of all your feelings.


And then we will buy a timeshare and spend the winter in Florida.

Simply wonderful people. That scene was awesome. So dramatic, with Kanata waiting for Yuki after school and Yuki giving Kanata his scarf. Such love, such emotions. I mean, if these two see each other all the time there would be no need for them to make plans well in advanced. It sounded more like a speech someone give to a cancer patient or something. Thus the mocking people. But gentle lovely mocking since Yuki is so genuine.


Oh yeah Kanata is Reiga....

But then I will mock Yuki again. Wasn’t it just last week that Yuki found out Kanata was Reiga? So he is all Kanata is saving me how amazing!!!! Then poof he remembers that Kanata is gone and Reiga is standing there wearing his ugly hat. That is one of the reasons Yuki makes me RARW. Like okay, we all know you are a special snowflake who sees the best in everyone. Just…you are making a sad situation more dramatic than needed.


Wait everyone is in love with Yuki?!?!?!

I felt bad for Kuroto and Senshirou. They are standing there not knowing what is going on. Well not really standing as much as trying to get up but they just got the shit beat out of them so kneeling is all they can do for now. But yeah. They don’t know Yuki sad back story with Kanata/Reiga right? So….yeah. Let’s just look on confused. Of course the most confused people in this episode are Shuusei and Hotsuma who get no love. :( No love at all.


Revenge for the people I forced into battle woohoo!

Takashiro was being a little dramatic. So you have an evil Duras inside your body isn’t fun. But don’t act like you are getting revenge for those fallen people. Well maybe you are. But you are really fighting for your dead girlfriend and the fact that your best friend turned on you. So you need to suck it up and deal with how you get to live AKA there is something gross inside your body. But I do feel bad for your little butler dude.


Look at me and my sparkly hat!

Reiga was being pretty awesome for a while. Until Cadenza goes haha I am just playing with you foolish half mortal. Which kinda makes me wonder. Reiga is only a half Duras. So why are the other Duras listening to him? I get that he summons them but why is he allowed to do that? Like can Luka summon other human like Duras to help him out? Whatever the case is if I were a full blooded Duras I be like PSHT I ain’t listening to you half breed. But yeah at least Reiga was trying to help. Too bad Cadenza is too bad ass.

I really loved it when Tsukumo and Shuusei would give us updates on the battle…after we already saw them. Thanks boys, we know that horrible powers are battling each other. Less telling us what we know and more running to the danger please.


I love you Luka and want to have your babies in mpreg fanfiction!

WOOHOO! Luka is on the scene and saved everyone (including Reiga). And we got a lovely reunion between Yuki and Luka. They looked into each other’s eyes and told each other what they really feel in their hearts. They hugged each other and Cadenza and Reiga were like um we are in the middle of a battle why are we having all these feelings? Then Luka said that when Yuki was a girl he loved her but now that he is a boy he loves him even more and they kiss. Senshirou gets all I wish I could kiss the person I love like that and Kuroto blushes.


Or we can look guilty.

OR what really happens is Yuki looks happy for one whole second (which Luka misses) but then looks sad. Luka interprets that as Yuki cares more for Reiga than him and now Yuki is worried that Luak will kill Reiga. Luka gets sad that Yuki isn’t happy to see him so he says something to Yuki that he won’t kill his beloved Kanata. YAY FOR HURT FEELINGS AND MISUNDERSTANDINGS!


And then we can ignore Yuki.

Seriously people. It is one misunderstanding after another with these two. This series is going to end with one of them dying in the other’s arms and that is finally when someone will confess. And that will make me unhappy. A very unhappy person. STOP WITH THE DRAMATICS! XO Luka you already loved him so stop being all butthurt that other people want to love him too. Just tell him what you feel so Yuki will confess he loves you too. But you will continue to have the butthurt until you explain away this misunderstanding! You can’t get jealous over Yuki cause he ain’t your boyfriend.


Super Sayian level one?

Not that Luka got a chance to kill Cadenza or Reiga. Because all he did was power up. Everyone and their mom gathered at the temple (or what is left of it). There was some talking and Luka being bossy and Reiga doing his best not to pass out. Reiga showed that he wanted to protect Yuki and Luka helped him out. But once Luka got on the scene there was no epic battle. Just a lot of staring and powering up.


Do go on Yuki. I love saving your ass so you can go on and on how you love Kanata/Reiga. Please stick the knife further in my heart.

I am sure Luka was super happy when Yuki breaks out the feelings and reconfesses to Reiga. All the stuff that Kanata mentioned before (the fireworks, the adopting the kids, the yelling at strangers to get off their lawn when they are old and grey) Yuki spit back out. REMEMBER KANATA! Remember all the stuff you said we were going to do?! Well now I am going to mention it again in hopes to bring you out of your Reiganess and make you Kanata again.


I am so sure it is part of plan Reiga. So super sure.

Only it doesn’t work. Reiga says (possibly lies) that the only reason he is protecting Yuki is because it is part of his master plan. Which is probably BS. I would think killing the heart of the problem would be the best course of action. Now we do know that baddies like to prolong their plans to make themselves look awesome. This usually leads to their downfall. But in Reiga’s case he probably still loves Yuki and he has to save face. So the only thing Yuki accomplished with his speech is now Luka feels like crap. WOOHOO!


So....we'll just stand here....

So the episode ends with Cadenza seeing the light and deciding to follow Reiga. Which is also BS. He spent the entire episode wanting to kick his ass. Reiga seems happy because HAHA he was about to be toast and now he lives. And everyone else is kinda staring at each other going…so what do we do now? Yeah. All these powerful people standing around not attacking.


Okay clearly someone is still having feelings about the situation....

ACTION! No more feelings but action next week. Please?

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Amagami SS episode 9: Sae is boring!


The horrors of being this boring..

I have no idea why I am still blogging SS Amagami. Clearly it was not the anime made for me. It will probably be dropped sooner or later….although the other girls seem interesting to me (well at least the class representative, I want to see evil her).

But yeah. I have nothing positive to say about this episode so if you love Sae this isn’t the blog for you. Or maybe you want to see THE TRUTH about this episode and not see it through rose colored glasses. Dude rose colored glasses would suck. Like oh hi I am wearing glasses so I can see but there are roses painted on them so I really, really can’t see! So no rose colored glasses up in this joint!

Spoilers for….boring people who have annoying voices?


I miss Kaoru. :(

Episode Summary: A narrator is telling us viewers what is going on because apparently we no longer have eyeballs. One day Junichi’s friend needs food so off he goes. Junichi loses his coin purse because of Haruka and her amazingness. Sae finds it but due to the fact she is stupid it takes her about an hour to give it back to him and Junichi misses out on lunch. But that doesn’t stop him from trying to track her down because he is grateful it took her an hour to return his crap. Miya is actually friends with Ms. Scared pants Sae. She is introduced to Junichi and everyone talks about how big Saei’s boobies are. While Junichi is walking home he runs into Sae who is afraid of dog shadows. He helps her through that trying time and takes her out for some coffee. Kaoru picks on them and Sae decides she wants to be a waitress because the outfits are cute. Kaoru is unable to talk to Sae about being a waitress because someone flakes out on their shift. Junichi is like then we need to train you. Miya is supposed to be the pretend customer and Junichi the trainer but Miya…is never there to pretend so that is dumb. Junichi teaches Sae how to breath which leads to stomach touching and Junichi passing out. Then Sae spills coffee on Junichi and Miya thinks the worst when Junichi is forced to take off his pants. The siblings walk Sae home and teach her a really dumb game which ends with Junichi carrying Sae and having her boobies touch Junichi’s back. THE END!

This episode was worse than I thought it was going to be. And since I thought it was going to suck ass that is pretty bad. So yeah….this entire arc is going to blow. I might just stick it out because I want to see the perverted spot of kissing. Sae might pass out before the pervertedness happens so that might be entertaining.


Well I guess when you are milking them like that they look huge....

Was it just me or did Sae’s boobies not that huge? Or maybe my mind has been skewed with High School of the Dead and I don’t know normal size boobies anymore? So maybe they were big compared to how tiny she is and that she is a normal girl with normal sized huge boobies? Did I say boobies enough? BOOBIES!


How the hell is this cute?!?!?!

Why did Junichi’s coin purse look like a vagina? Why does Junichi have a coin purse? Why does Junichi have a vagina purse that girls think is cute? Like I am confused over this whole thing. Junichi is already a loser in the love department so he needs to take steps to not make himself seem so….I don’t know. Vagina purse. Gross.

Oh did I need to actually say Sae’s voice is annoying? I thought it was obvious but maybe someone out there doesn’t know how I feel about the situation yet. Sae’s voice is the most annoying voice I have heard in recent times. I really hope the voice actress is actually changing her voice to create Sae. Because it would be horrible to go through life actually sounding like this.



Sae’s personality is so…..no. Just no. Probably because I am a girl I don’t appreciate why she is such a lovely delicate flower who is afraid of puppy shadows and can’t stand the thought of handing a vagina purse back to a boy. Life is hard when you are so painfully shy that the thought of talking makes you have crazy attacks. Like I am sure there are people out there who have real issues talking and interacting with people. Sae is not that person. She is made so all boys are fawning over her MOG over the top shy act and it makes me want to puke. Not that every girl needs to act like Haruka and Kaoru just that this is not a very….likable girl.


Look how innocent and cute I look!!!!!

Of course none of what I wrote makes sense and makes me sound like a meanie head. Sae’s personality is just too over the top. I could handle her being a little shy but chasing after a person only to not tell them her name is too dramatic. A real shy person wouldn’t have done that. Of course this show (game) is about making the ideal girl Junichi’s partner so I guess there must be guys out there that find this awesome.


Proof that her waitressing was a really bad idea.

Moving on since I am a jerk the thought of Sae being a waitress is really, really stupid. But maybe that is the only plot they could think of that would bring Sae and Junichi together. I mean, of course she needs help being a waitress. And of course Junichi is able to teach him after all the many years he has spent waitressing. Oh wait so maybe this plot doesn’t work either. But in any event yeah. Sae needs a part time job as a waitress even though she was dropped off at school in a car (usually in animes that is a sign of YOU IS RICH!).


This is bad touch teacher!

My favorite stupid moment of the show was Junichi teaching Sae how to breathe. Because when you are super shy like Sae breathing is hard. So there has to be touching of tummies in this breathing session. The whipped cream on the stupid sundae was that Junichi couldn’t even teach Sae how to breathe properly. Hell Junichi doesn’t even know how to breathe properly. Maybe Junichi and Sae deserve each other….


Look how happy and dumb we are!!!!

The walking home paper rock scissor thing was pretty stupid too though. All an excuse for Junichi to feel the boobies. But yes, Ms shy Sae is able to let a boy she met a few hours ago carry her home. Or 7 feet. This game really isn’t one that makese sense. It would take forever to get home, especially if one of the girls had to carry Junichi. So lame game was lame. I am sure I have played lame games too but since I am not an anime show I get to hold judgment.

So…that was about it I guess. Sae is boring and way too shy to be interesting. OH dude I almost forgot about the narrator. He was annoying too. And Junichi and his vagina purse are special. This arc will be super fun. And by super fun I mean boring as hell. WHERE WILL THE KISS BE THOUGH?!?!?! XO Curious minds want to know.

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